REVIEW(S): Peri Pera Peri's Tint Water #5 Strawberry Juice

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Hi girls! I’m back with another review about Peripera Peri’s Tint Water in #5 Strawberry Juice.  
It was more than a year already when I was first fascinated with lip tints since its cheap, very easy to use and perfect for everyday use. I started using Etude House Dear Darling Tint then after a few months, I also bought the old version of Peri Pera Peri’s Tint Water in #2 Pink Juice.

Since then, I’ve been switching to different brands of korean lip tints which I also blogged about here: The Face Shop’s My Lip Eat Cherry and Tony Moly’s Tony Tint.

These 4 tints from different brands almost has the same shade of pink to red to pink-red so this time, I come around and bought PeriPera Peri’s Tint Water #5 Strawberry Juice which has a more subtle shade of pink compared to other shades I bought before.

By the way, bought this one at (@koreana_ph) as my 3rd purchase from their shop. Pls do check them out as they sell the best korean products on the market. :)

Peripera Peri’s Tint Water comes in 5 shades.

Bought #5 Strawberry Juice
Volume: 6.5ml

Packaging: The new packaging is still almost the same but the new box and design is more appealing than compared to before. It comes with a glass bottle and cylindrical plastic cap along with the sponge applicator. You need caution when it comes to using this as the bottle can spill off easily. 

Scent: The smell is very sweet.
Consistency: As the name itself, the consistency is watery. It actually made my lips a bit dry after applying. So I usually use small amount of petroleum jelly or lip balm to avoid dry lips.

Color: Color is very light and not that pigmented. It may look neon in the glass but when swatch, you’ll see that it turns to baby/light pink.

With Strawberry Juice (Swiped a lot of times)

Verdict: The color is really light and very natural. It gives a nice baby/candy pink color perfect for everyday use. Since I wanted a more vibrant color, I opted to swipe it a lot of times to achieve my desired color. :)

- Nice packaging
- Smells like candy
- Easy to apply
- Light baby/candy pink color
- Perfect for everyday use
- Long lasting

- Can bit a bit dry (try using a lip balm after)
- Bottle can easily spill 
- I still need to apply a lot of layers to be able to achieve my desired shade on this one. I’m afraid that 1 bottle won’t last longer compared to the other shade I bought last year (took me 4-5 months before I finished 1 bottle)
- A bit expensive compared to other korean lip tints on the market (Php320, bought from @empireshopcafe


Overall, I love the candy color this one gives since I think it’s perfect for my everyday use. Since I’m working as a nurse, I think this color is perfect for that light makeup, non-intimidating look. It’s perfect if you want a light shade of pink. But I’m not sure I’ll still buy this shade in the future since I think this won’t really last for that long. Maybe I’ll stick to #2 Pink Juice instead :))
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