Affordable and Trendy Glasses from Zeelool

by - 6/29/2018 11:52:00 AM

Since last year, I've been OBSESSED with buying eye glasses as it make my outfit more stylish. Like what I always say, I love that wearing glasses as it makes you look different and stylish at the same time. I have a perfect vision but that doesn't mean that I can't wear glasses right? 
A month ago, I came across a new online site called Zeelool which offers different chic and affordable eye glasses (Rx and Non Rx glasses) to choose from. They actually uses the superior materials in an affordable price for every one. 

I believe they are still NEW to the market but why choose Zeelool?

Zeelool offers WIDE RANGE of STYLISH and TRENDY glasses to choose from. I actually had a hard time deciding what designs to choose because almost everything looks so good! 
Ordering is easy as 1-2-3. They website can be easily navigated with everything sorted out like the new arrivals, cat eye glasses, highlight, featured, sale, etc. 

Unsure on how the glasses would look on you? Zeelool provides a "Try On" feature which you can use to upload your photo, to easily check how the glasses would look on you. 

No worries if you're unsure with the measurement of the glasses as they already provide the measurements of the glasses on the site as well as the materials used and weight of the glasses. You can also check the frame size of the glasses you want as they provide measurements for the glasses. The description also includes what materials where used as well as the weight of the glasses. 

And would you believe that after I ordered these 3, they suddenly uploaded NEW glasses again! As of the moment, the site is already updated with NEW glasses to choose from! I badly want the new arrivals one! The styles are really good! 

Zeelool offers FAST and CONVENIENT selection process brings a perfect shopping experience.They also have an excellent  customer service. I'm able to communicate with them thru email and they really reply fast! They gave me the tracking number and for the shipping, expect 10-20 business days. 

I ordered mine last May 4, 2018 and received it May 24, 2018. Here in the Philippines, I claimed the parcel on our Post Office and paid Php112 or $2.21 to claim the package. Not sure with other countries but I do hope they'll have a door to door shipment. 

They glasses came in a Zeelool box and it contained the 3 Custom Gift Boxes. I do believe they also have other packaging like their Exquisite Packaging which contains white or blue plastic glass boxes with cloth, screw driver and silicone nose pads. 

With this Custom Gift Box, this includes the Zeelool black rectangular paper box(220mm*120mm*65mm), black imitation leather glasses pocket (195mm*105mm), black glasses cloth and black glasses bag. Each Glasses Boxes is packed in a bubble bag/wrap and all of them are packed in a one carton. 

Here are the 3 glasses I choose:

Ulrica Round Glasses in Rose Gold (US$18.95)
"With its round wire-rimmed lenses, Ulrica Round Glasses exudes retro-chic minimalism. This small-sized, lightweight frame looks great as smart eyeglasses. Made with gold-toned stainless steel, Ulrica Round Glasses features delicate round detailing around temple arms's tips. Besides, silicone nose pads provide a comfortable wear."

Karida Round Glasses in Pink (US$22.95)
"The whole set is transparent and it is the mystic and imaginative color of pink. The transparent frame looks like crystal and it is soft and unbreakable. What’s more, it won’t block your eye shadow and your eyebrows either. The leg is metal. In all, it is cute and special."

Jacqueline Round Glasses in Red Floral (US$18.95)
"TR frame and durable metal alloy combing with fun color bring you unbelievable wearing experience. Flexible and durable eye-wear gives you back a clear and vivid visual sense. What's better, it can protect you from the harms of blue light with UV blue blockers."

The lens of the glasses has this light tint on the lens (They're not entirely clear glasses) which means that this has anti-reflective coating to prevent eye strain. This is perfect since I'm always on the computer during my shift (at times, 16 hours shift a day) so imagine how tired my eyes after. I usually have headaches or dizziness after 8 hours on the computer so I badly needed this lens/glasses to prevent such. 

You can watch the review on my Youtube channel below:

All of the glasses are really STURDY and HIGH QUALITY. They are COMFORTABLE to use and fits my small face. The materials used were superb and I think this one would really last for a long time. The only thing I think they should improve is the waiting time which is 10-20 days plus I think they should offer a door to door shipment to avoid hassle of getting the package on the post office (here in the Philippines). Overall, Zeelool provided me EXCELLENT SERVICE from picking the glasses to shipping and communicating with them. By the way, they usually have ongoing SALE so you better check out that. Also, you can use my CODE: NICOLEFALLER for a $5% off. 

Thank you again Zeelool for the superb and high quality glasses you provided! :)

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