First Time Sugaring Experience at Barenaked Body Sugaring in Ayala Malls Marikina

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Having born with hairy legs is really hassle whenever I wear shorts outside. I usually use hair removal creams most of the time and I remembered using wax a few years back. Nor sure if because I have a very LOW PAIN TOLERANCE but my first and last waxing experience was extremely painful!! I never tried it again.
A few weeks ago, I went to Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon at Ayala Malls Marikina to try their "Sugaring" or use of sugar to remove unwanted hairs. I'm new to the sugaring experience and for starters, I was expecting that it would be painful but I was so wrong!

Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon is the ONLY salon that offers sugaring as a way of hair removal.  They offer the safest and natural way to remove unwanted hair with LESS pain. They use 100% natural and organic products with SUGAR as the main ingredient of the paste that they use. It's safe and you can even eat it!! And yes, I tried just a tiny bit of the paste and it's sweet! Also, I've been hearing their salon for a few years now and I heard good feed backs from what I read online. 

Glad that Barenaked decided to branch out near our area (Marikina) and so I went here a few weeks ago. This branch is located at the ground floor of the newly Ayala Malls Marikina in Marikina Heights. They're at the parking area side. 

Upon entering, I was greeted by their friendly receptionist and therapist on the site. The ambiance of the place is very relaxing as well the choice of music they have. I chose the Full Leg (since I do have an event to attend that week) and Eyebrow Shaping (since my brows are all over the place!! haha). 
Here's the list of treatments they offer as well their prices. I suggest getting the packages instead. 

Then I was guided inside the room and asked to remove my sandals. By the way, they have 4 treatment rooms in this branch.

My therapist which is Ate Jhem was so friendly and gave me tips on sugaring. Since it was my first time, I did learned a lot from her. I started with the Full Leg Sugaring. Then I felt a warm paste on my skin and a slight (maybe 1-2/10 pain) on my leg. I was expecting that the sugaring would be painful but no, I was so wrong. While Ate Jhem was sugaring my legs, I kept on saying that IT WASN'T PAINFUL AT ALL. I have a very low pain tolerance but this one was 1-2/10 to zero. There was slight pain at first but the whole process was really PAINLESS. Ate Jhem and I kept on chatting through out the process. She told me that I can even sleep. haha The full leg sugaring was done after 30-45 minutes.

Just look at my hair legs on the right vs my sugared legs on the left. Just wow! The legs felt smooth after the whole process. 

The next treatment was the Eyebrow Shaping since I badly need to groom my brows. And honestly, I was a bit hesitant to do this at first since I thought it might be painful and might irritate my skin. But no. I was shocked at the first removal of my eyebrow hairs with 1-2/10 pain then zero throughout the process. The whole process took 10-15 minutes.  I forgot to take a before photo of my brows but just look how clean my brows are now! 
By the way, redness of the skin is a normal side effects of the sugaring so no worries about that. Also, you must keep your legs/skin dry for about 6 hours. It may get itchy afterwards but try not to scratch it as it may irritate your skin. 

Watch out the vlog and review I made on my Youtube channel below:

Overall, my first sugaring experience was SUPERB and exceeded my expectations. There's a bit of pain from the first removal but turns to ZERO PAIN afterwards. I'm already on my 2nd week now after the sugaring session and so far there is 0.5mm growth of hair on my legs and maybe 0.1-0.2mm for my eyebrows. At times, I do experience itching of my legs which is normal. Glad that now I know a salon that would take care of my hair legs and eyebrows from now one. Would definitely come back hair next month!  Thank you for the excellent service, Barenaked Ayala Malls Marikina! :) 
Barenaked Body Sugaring Salon is located at GF Ayala Malls Marikina (near the parking area). For more info about their salon, you can check out the links below:
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