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Small nook on the outside but big on the inside. That’s what Little Owl restaurant is all about.
Say hello to one of the newest neighborhood cafe, The Little Owl which is located at Broadway Ave in New Manila, Quezon City. Very accessible area and near E.Rodriquez (beside/behind Mcdo).

This 2-floor restaurant with huge windows gives that minimalistic vibes which I think is very Instagram worthy. Place is very spacious, cozy and clean. Since this is near the schools, hospital and other establishments, I think this is really good place for lunch outs, meetings and just chill out.

Here’s the 2nd floor:

There is also an outdoor area:

Menu below:

Here’s what they served to us during our visit:

Grilled Caesar Salad (Php285)
“Romaine, arugula & bacon lordons tossed in caesar dressing”
- The romaine lettuce was very crunchy and fresh. The caesar dressing was very creamy while the bacon adds a nice and distinct flavor to the salad.

Shakshuka (Php270)
“Eggs poached in tomato sauce with whipped cheese served with toast”
- A middle eastern recipe, this tomato paste empowers the taste of this dish. Since we took a photo first before tasting this, the egg was a bit off with the taste. I think for us to appreciate the dish, we should have mixed the egg as soon this dish was served.

Mixed Mushroom & Roasted Vegetables (Php250)
“Served with scrambled eggs & fondue”
- Crowds favorite! That scrambled egg and fondue on top gave that soft and creamy taste to it. Yummy!! You should definitely try this.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Php220)
“With caramelized onions served w/friends”
- Simple but cheesey! Just look at that oozing mozarella cheese.. Definitely irresistable!!

Thick Cut Bacon Steaks (Php395) - good for sharing
“With apple marmalade served w/eggs of choice”
- When they say “thick cut”, they definitely served us a thick and huge chunck of bacon steak. The sweet taste of the bacon compliments well to the egg which is very creamy.

Fluffy Egg White Omelette (Php220)
“Served with feta cheese and pesto, arugula & toast”
- The egg white was indeed very fluffy and just melts in my mouth. Though we all know that egg white has no taste, the pesto and feta cheese on top gives a delicious taste to this meal. Servings were huge and I think this can be good for sharing.

Carbonara (Php295)
“Tossed in bacon & parmesan cheese topped with poached egg”
- Very creamy and tasty. Their bacon tastes a bit different from what I expect, in a good way. Would love to try this again.

Fluffy Banana Pancake (Php220)
“With maple flavoured syrup”
- The pancake wasn’t that fluffy anymore when we ate it (maybe because it took us a while before eating this one). The pancake was very thick and the syrup compliments well along with the banana. Good for starters.

Calamansi Tart (Php120)
“Tangy, sweet calamansi curd on flaky crust”
- Not a fan of sour desserts but this I have a love-hate relationship with this tart. Hate that this has a sour-calamansi taste but dunno why I this is very addictive. Haha The taste is remarkable. (Can even imagine the taste while typing this haha).

Chocolate Tart (Php130)
“Dark chocolate, ganache served on flaky crust with whipped cream”
- Totally rich chocolate tart. Chocolate lovers would really looove this!

Warm Apple & Pecan (Php130)
“Served with whipped cream”
- Has a sweet mocha taste and not too sweet which I really like.

Latte (Php150)
- A bit bitter but just add 1-2 teaspoon of sugar and you’re good to go. Love it! Though find it a bit expensive just for cup of coffee.

Orange Carrots & Ginger Juice (Php160)
- Wasn’t able to taste this :(

Espresso Cocktail (Php150)
“Shot espresso, vodka, caribbean rhum & amaretto”
- I do love coffee so I got curious how this one taste with a vodka.Though I rarely drink now since I’m not really a fan of alcoholic drinks. The vodka taste is very empowering and I find it too strong for me. The guys though, said that they love how smooth it tastes.

Overall, I had a great time dining here at The Little Owl. The foods served were good though honestly, I think I find some dishes to be a bit pricey though mostly are reasonable. The ambiance was great and I think this is really a good place to bring your family and friends. The Little Owl definitely lived up to its name. They may look small like a little owl on the inside but you’ll definitely go home with warm and good dining experience. Still on soft opening but hope you could also drop by their humble restaurant :)
Thank you so much Ms. Rizza and the rest of The Little Owl team for having us :)

Little Owl
Located at: 65 Broadway Ave., New Manila, Quezon City
Opens at: 9am-9pm, Mon-Sun
Phone num: 501 2036
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