REVIEW(S): Beach Born Dry Shampoo

by - 1/15/2017 06:12:00 PM

If you follow my blog for a while, you might notice how I always mentioned how dry and damaged my current hair is. As much as possible, I “try” to avoid shampooing my hair everyday but it doesn’t always work that way.

Working as a nurse in a mostly 2 shifts or 16 hour duty, my hair does produce so much grease and traps lots of dirt by the end of the day. Washing my hair everyday feels good though it really does more damage to my hair, making it dry and frizzy.

Good thing that I was able to discover a product that helps me to skip using a shampoo for a day, taking a break and letting my hair be free from any chemicals.

This Beach Born Dry Shampoo is my newest hair care discover as it is a totally life changer for me. I’ve  used this for a few times already and I’m highly impressed thus sharing with you my thoughts and review.

Product Info: Beach Born Dry Shampoo all-natural dry shampoo used to get rid of excess oil, sweat & odor. It also adds volume on your hair.

Packaging: Comes in this plastic bottle with spray.

Weight: 150ml

Price: Php218

Scent: Powdered scent

Consistency: Watery, non-greasy.

How To Use: 
Please take to store this one on a horizontal position as the contents may set at the bottom. (True enough, when I received mine, the “white-powdered-particles” did set on the bottom part. I had to scrape it to loosen up and shake to mix the water with the white powder). Shake well before use. Spray dry shampoo near the roots. Let it dry.


- I really can’t give justice on how EFFECTIVE this product just by the photos so I’m gonna share with you my experience using this product.
- I remembered waking up late one day and just decided to skip washing my hair. I just sprayed this dry shampoo on my scalp, let it dry and went to work. Surprised that my hair wasn’t greasy nor does have any smell. It lasted for a day though. 
- I also used this once when I was too lazy to wash my hair and went out with friends. Again, my hair felt fresh and free from greasy feeling all throughout the day.

Made a video review on my Youtube channel below:


- Effective! It really works!
- Convenient - saves time
- Organic and natural
- Non greasy feeling

- Can only be bought online (usually sold out)
- The powder can settle on the bottom part when left for a long time

Verdict:  Overall, Beach Born Dry Shampoo is really a life changer for me. As a busy girl, there are really times that I’m too lazy to wash up my hair and this is my go-to dry shampoo. It is really effective as it get rids of excess oil and dirt on my skin. Not only that, one bottle (150ml) really lasts long for me so it’s reasonable for the price of Php218/bottle.

Would I recommend this one? Yes, I HIGHLY recommend this as an excellent and effective dry shampoo.

For more info about Beach Born PH, you may click the links below:
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