REVIEW(S): Maybelline Color Show Matte in Lively Violet

by - 1/13/2017 06:03:00 PM

Maybelline lippies are now one of my fave ever since I discovered that they’re really one of the best in the market for me. If you’ve been following or have read some of my reviews before, I always mentioned that I’m not a fan of lipsticks since I’m more of a lip-tint-girl. But that changed last year.

I remembered purchasing a lipstick from Maybelline (in August or September last year) which is the Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Touch of Spice. It was really a love at first swipe (haha!) and since then, it was my fave and my best friend.

Then a few months after, my friend introduced me this Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Lively Violet. Got in love with the shade and tried it for myself. Though, I must admit that I was a bit hesitant that the shade doesn’t suit me so it took me months before I decided to finally buy this shade. Haha

Product Info: According to the Maybelline ph website, this Color Show Matte lipsticks are hydrating and has high pigmentation formulas with saturated pigments in a creamy matte texture. 

Packaging: Comes in a black & purple lipstick bullet case.

Price: Got mine in Php150 (regular price Php165)

Shade: I think they have 12 shades for this line but I only got the Lively Violet shade. 
Lively Violet is like mauvey neutral pink shade.


Scent: Sweet and fruity scent

Texture: Creamy matte and moisturizing to the lips (but not as creamy as the Color Sensational Creamy Matte Line). It glides smoothly on the lips and though it has a matte finish, my lips still feels hydrated after.

- Was able to try the product for about 9 hours

- At 2PM:

- After 5 hours

- After 9 hours


Made a video review on my Youtube channel below:

- Creamy matte
- Glides smoothly on the lips
- Hydrating on the lips
- Sleek packaging
- Handy
- Affordable
- Good everyday lipstick

- Does transfer easily
- Need to apply after 4-5 hours

Verdict: Overall, this drugstore lipstick is kinda average for me. I like that this is a matte lipstick which glides easily on the lips upon application.  Also, I like that it is very affordable and the shade is good for everyday use. What I didn’t like was the longevity since after 5 hours, the lipstick comes off already. At 9 hours, it was barely there so I already knew that I had to touch up. Though, still I will continue to buy this since it is affordable and I like the shade the most. Will also like to recommend this as a good everyday lipstick. J

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