FOODTRIP(138): Makansutra SM Megamall

by - 1/02/2017 12:00:00 PM

Singapore’s famous street food, Makansutra, now in the Philippines!

Opened a few months ago, KF Seetoh, chef and founder of Makansutra, brought the authentic Singaporean hawkers in Manila, specifically at SM Megamall.

This 11-stall food stations serves wide variety of street foods, from Singapore, Malaysia, China, India and other Asian countries.

No worries for diners since this place is really huge and everyone can choose their seat and dine.
Honestly, I was really excited to try everything since I’m not that familiar with most of the Asian dishes served. Glad that I got the chance to try these. I knew I’ll be coming back for more :)

Here’s what they served to us during our visit:

Mian Ji’s Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee (Php220/270)
- At first, I thought that this looks our Filipino pansit but not. The noodles were cooked just right and the taste was a mix of every ingredients included. Tasty and rich in flavor.

Hk Street Old Chun Kee’s (Php550)
- Deep fried prawns that were coated in buttered cereal were sooooo good. Crunchy, savory and tasty.

Alhambra Padang Satay and Muslim Food’s Satay Set with Rice and Soto Soup (6 sticks - Php250; 10 sticks - Php270)
- It reminded me our Filipino barbeque but more flavorful. The satay was grilled just right and the meat was juicy.

Bao Ji Xiang’s Chicken Rice (1 person set - Php190)
- I like that the chicken was well cooked as it was soft and tasty on the inside.

Bao Ji Xiang’s Fried Paper Wrapped Chicken Noodles (Php260)
- Pls take not that this is a paper and one MUST remove the paper first before eating this one. Since this was marinated overnight in a paper, the taste of the chicken was more flavorful and yummy.

Ah Tee’s Oyster Omellete (Php260/320)
- The omellete was very tasty and yummy. The oyster on top was cooked to perfection was it was very soft and compliments well the omelette. No worries for seafood-allergic like me. I think these are fresh oysters as I didn’t experience any allergies at all.

Adam’s Ribs Bak Kuh Teh with Sugar Cane (Php300)
- Very sweet and spicy stew which I liked.

Gooba Hia’s /Noodles (Php280)
- The beef was very tasty and soft.

Jin Ji Kway Chap and Braised Duck’s Combo Bento (Php300)
- Not bad for a first timer like me, to try a dish with a duck. Saucy and tasty. Yum!

Geylang Claypot Rice’s Chicken Claypot Rice (Small-Php280)
- Flavorful, savory and tasty. The mix of chicken flavor, meats, sauce and rice made the taste very distinct and unforgetful.

Donald and Lily’s Mee Siam and Prawns (Php250)
- The mix of sweet and spicy flavor that bursts on your tastebuds make this one of my favorites.

Donna and Lily’s Laksa (Php250)

- Laksa is one of my fave dishes of all time. Their own version of laksa is very rich, creamy and the amount of spiciness were just right. Loooove this one!

Curry Flurry’s Roti Prata (Plain-Php80)
- Served with a curry sauce, this roti prata is very crispy and a bit spicy.

Ultimate Set (Php2,700/good for 6-7pax)
“A platter of Indonesian chicken satay marinated with 18 special spices, chicken Hainanese balls, Old Chun kee prawn paste chicken, marinated paper-wrapped chicken, fried Hokkien prawn noodles and Malaysian famous laksa soup, Singaporean oyster omelette, Jin Ji Kway Chap and cereal prawn, tofu skin wrapped, prawn with salted egg yolk sauce and plain roti prata with Indian curry sauce.”
- Bringing lots of family and friends? I do recommend ordering this one. One would surely get to try the BEST of every food stalls they have.

Bandung (Php90)
- Rose-milk flavored drink. One of the crowd’s favorite drink.

Lemongrass Tea (Php80)
- Their lemongrass tea is sweet and very refreshing.

Overall, my experience at Makansutra was very exciting as I get to try a different taste of foods. Almost all of the dishes were very flavorful, tasty and has a kick of spiciness on it. I do recommend trying above mentioned though my personal faves are Hk Street Old Chun Kee’s Cereal Prawns, Ah Tee’s Oyster Omellete, Donna and Lily’s Laksa, Ultimate Set and Bandung. Would love to come back and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to try and see for yourselves (Already recommended this one to my sister and she brought her friends here. They love the foods!).

Thanks again Sir Seetoh and the rest of Makansutra team for having us :)

Makansutra, Manila
Located at: 2/F SM Megamall Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
Opens at: 10am-10pm

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