REVIEW(S): Ever Bilena Lipstick in Dusky Rose

by - 11/24/2016 01:49:00 AM

Ever Bilena is one of popular local brands of makeup in the Philippines. I haven’t tried their other products except for their Stick Foundation (been using it since 2007).

A month ago, I went at a drugstore to look for a good lipstick when I came across EB Advance newest line of lippies. The 4 NEW nude brown shades caught my eyes and one of which is the Dusky Rose shade.

EB advance Matte lippie in Dusky Rose shade is a brown with a hint of mauve pink shade. Though not all brown shades really suits my small lips, good thing, this Dusky Mauve suits me well. And lately, I'm becoming obsessed with nude or brown shades!! Haha

Packaging: The lipstick comes in this simple white, plastic packaging that reminds me of Mac lippies (in black). Also, their lip stick comes with a box.

Weight: 3.6g

Price: Php195

Scent: Fruity which smells really good!

Shades: I think they have lots of shades under this line but they just introduced their 4 new nude brown shades below:
Credits to EB Advance Instagram :)
*Already bought the KYLIE & MINK MAUVE shade which I’ve been eyeing to but this past few month!

Review: Was able to road test this lippie a few weeks ago and here are my thoughts:

AT 2pm:

- After 4 hours, I had to retouch my lips as the color was washed off a bit since I ate dinner that time

- After 8 hours, I already got home and my lips felt dry. As you can see, the color on my inner lips are now gone.

Video review on my Youtube channel below:

- Love the shade!!
- Good/wearable for everyday use
- Matte finish
- Buildable
- Glides well on the lips
- Love the handy & light packaging
- Affordable

- Tends to feel drying on the lips after a few hours

Verdict: Surprisingly, I really love this EB Advance Dusky Rose shade added to my growing lipstick collection. The Dusky Rose shade to be exact, is a great wearable lipstick that can be used by every girls. It is a bit sheer when applied but no worries since it is very buildable. It has a matte finish which is very trendy now. Though this lipstick can be a bit drying on the lips after a few hours, I suggest that when your lips tends to get uncomfortable, just redo everything. Nonetheless, not bad for a local brand thus bought 3 new lippies from Ever Bilena during their sale a few weeks ago J

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)

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