REVIEW(S): Marionnaud Facial Massager

by - 9/12/2016 05:08:00 AM

Hey girls! Today, I'll be sharing with you one of the recent beauty massager I discovered lately. 

I've been using makeups daily for the past 10 years and with that, I believe that our skin needs to be cleanse thoroughly. But I must admit, I don't regularly exfoliate nor wash my face thoroughly since I leave everything on my toner. Haha Yea, I know, I have the worst habit of cleansing my face ever! So that's the reason I currently have lots of blackheads and some pimple breakouts. :(

When I discovered Clarisonic from some of the Youtubers I watched lately, I was quite interested and would want to buy one for myself. But when I found out that Clarisonic was a bit pricey, (Php5000-9000) I changed my mind. I mean if you can afford it, why not. I think it's a really nice investment for your skin. 
Recently, I found a cheap alternative for facial brushes. Found Marionnaud Facial Massager at Watsons for Php104 only!!! Bought this exactly at Watsons in Gateway Mall in Cubao. Not all Marionnaud in Watsons has this brush since I already went to 3 different branches before finding this one in Gateway. 

Marionnaud Facial massager claims that they use soft nylon bristles and used for deep pore cleansing & invigorating massage on face leaving face soft and fresh. 

This brush comes with a cap to protect the bristles. But I find that the cap doesn't really fit well on the brush so you must use a scotche tape for the cap to fit. 

What I like about this brush, besides it's cheap alternative for expensive brushes, is that the bristles are really soft and very easy to use. (**the bristles can be a bit harsh on some parts of my face but I suggest not putting much pressure on the brush) 

How To Use: 
1. Wet the brush first. 
2. Put your favorite facial cleanser in the bristles. (Though I normally skip this part since I put on my facial cleanser before using the brush) 
3. Massage your face in a circular motion. 
4. Rinse after using. 

- affordable (Php104) 
- easy to use 
- face feels cleaner after using 

- not available on all Watsons store
- can be a bit harsh on some parts of my face or when applied too much pressure 

Overall, I find this facial massager great especially that I can really feel that face became cleaner and softer after using. I also like that I can easily remove or wash my makeup with this. Recommended as an alternative facial massager.

How about you? Have you tried this one too? Or any suggestions or recommendations you would like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Let's be friends! Hope to hear from you. Thank you for reading :)

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