REVIEW(S): Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #21

by - 9/09/2016 12:00:00 PM

It was in 2008/2009 when I first encountered the term BB Cream. Clueless of what it means, I started to do my research on its meaning and the best brands so far. 

Missha was the first famous BB Cream brand I've seen during that time. It has the best reviews and claims that got me interested to buy. Price at that time was still at Php1000+ and since I was still in college that time, I couldn't afford to buy one. Good thing, I was able to finally buy one at Althea Kr website last February at a much cheaper price. It still has the same positive claims and so I was so excited to try this one. So let's get started with my review on the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

Description: "Originally developed as a salve for patients after laser treatment, BB cream's soothing and regenerative properties were adapted for cosmetics to improve skin while providing coverage. The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is Missha's most popular product with over 30 million sold worldwide. It gives an even and natural looking coverage with the soothing l, moisturizing properties of a cream. It is suitable for all skin types including acne-prone skin, and can be used as a makeup base or foundation!" 

Packaging: This comes in a red and silver box and the product is placed in this red BB tube. It also has a pump for easier use. 

Volume: 50ml 

Price: Php550 (got this at Althea Kr box) 

Shades: They have 5 shades to choose from #13 Bright Beige, #21 Light Beige, #23 Natural Beige, #27 Honey Beige and #31 Golden Beige 
- Got mine in #21 Light Beige 

Consistency: Very creamy and gives off a dewy finish 

Coverage: Light-medium coverage. It cannot completely cover my dark spots, pimples, blemishes and uneven skin tone. A concealer is still needed for coverups. 
Swatch: Gives off a gray undertone. 

Review of the product below: 

- I was able to use the product for about 7 hours.
- I can already see the oil on my T-zone and some on my cheeks during the first 4 hours.
- After 7 hours, oil can be seen all over my face and blotting is a must.

Video review on my Youtube channel below:

- Light to medium coverage 
- with SPF 42 PA+++ 
- Long lasting 
- Buildable coverage 
- Dewy finish 
- Light weight 
- Affordable if bought at Althea Kr site 

- Was able to see oil on my nose after 4 hours of use 
- For oily skin like me, a primer and good final powder is still a must to help the product last longer 
- Mostly recommended for dry skin 

Verdict: Overall, maybe I was really expecting a lot from this product but I think the product's just average for me. Also, I'm not used to gray undertone and dewy finish which I don't like since I do have an oily skin. I was expecting more on the longevity but sadly I was only able to stretch the product for about 4 hours before I had to touch up.I think a good primer and finishing powder is a must for this product especially for oily skin like me. But for the value of money, I think it's still a good everyday bb cream since it is very lightweight and I got it for a cheaper price. Haha 

Will I repurchase it? Since I do have an oily skin, I'm still unsure if I'll repurchase this one the future.

**Product is bought from own money.

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