Zomato ✘ ABSCBN: Marikina Food Crawl Day 2 || 09.23.16

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Last Friday (September 23, 2016), I went to Zomato ✘ AbsCbn's food crawl featuring 6 of Marikina's finest restaurants. It's my first time doing a food crawl so I'm so excited to share my experience with everyone. 

Also, it's been a while since I last attended a Zomato foodie meetup (the last time I attended was in April) and I miss doing this!! :) I don't know if you notice that I kinda lay low when it comes to food trip/review this month since I'm too busy with life lately and I only got to post beauty stuff. Sorry for that :( Anyway, can't wait to share with you my Zomato food crawl experience. 

Not knowing who to expect in this food crawl, I went to the meeting place at CBTL Trinoma. As I entered the coffee shop, my eyes were looking for a familiar face but can't find one. Confused if I was late or was in a wrong branch. Haha Later did I know that most of us doesn't really knew each other. I mean we just knew everyone that day. Haha 

*Btw, this post will just be about the food crawl itself and some teaser reviews of the restaurant's best dishes. I'll be posting the reviews per restaurant on the next few days. 

Went to the first stop at Antonio J and glad to see familiar faces (also Zomato foodies) at the place. So Antonio J is located at C&B Circle Mall in Marikina Heights. Very much familiar with this area but it's my first time trying at Antonio J. Btw, they serve us delicious Filipino foods. 

2nd stop was still at C&B Mall, at Kim Chee Korean Cuisine. I've been here once and the experience was so good that's why I really got excited to finally come back here. I love Korean foods a lot!! They serve us lots of Korean dishes and glad that I was able to try them all. Their ice cream was soooo good!!! 

3rd stop, at Biannah's Grill located at General Ordonez St in Marikina Heights. I've been passing this place lots of time but wasn't able to try here since I really thought it was a car wash? Btw, they serve Filipino dishes at Grilled meals/dishes. The place was really nice and spacious, perfect for chill spot. And their Tuna Chicharon and nachos, so gooood!! 

4th stop, at Manganen Bagnet House in Lilac Street. They focuses on Bagnet meals, of course. I've been hearing this place but never got the chance yet to visit. Good thing, they were included on Marikina's food crawl. 

5th stop, at Comedor by Miguel and Maria located at Gil Fernando Ave in San Roque Marikina. They serve Filipino dishes. Place is really spacious. 

6th and last stop, at Fino Deli located at Dao Street in Marikina Heights. Been here last Feb or March (when they just recently opened) I think?, and had the best experience of fine dining here. I wasn't prepared well when I first came here (naka scrubs ako nun te and phone cam lang dala ko.. asan ang hustisya?!haha) and remembered that I keep telling myself that I'll come back to be able to capture good photos of this restaurant. And the food, world class!! Still can't over with their Cinco Quezo fron the first time I tried it months ago until last Friday when I we went here. Ahhhhh still, THE BEST pizza ever!!! 

Anyway, ended the night so much full, fun and satisfied. Got to meet lots of people that day/night and met some foodies too!! I really looove attending to this kind of events since I get to meet lots of people and get inspired to do what I really love. I feel comfortable taking photos with people who does the same. You know what I mean? "Might" do food vlogging next time. Haha It's also been a while since I last attended foodie meetup and can't wait to attend to another Zomato invite again. 
Photo © @hungry_pants on IG 
Thanks Zomato crew and ABSCBN for feeding us and letting us experience good food in Marikina. :)

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