How I Started Blogging and What To Expect From Me From Now On

by - 5/27/2017 05:38:00 PM

I know it’s been a while since I last shared something about my life behind this blog. Today I would like to share with you that I’ll try to make a series of weekly blog post about life as much as I can so please do look forward to that. As you all know, I work as a full-time nurse and on my rest days, I usually film videos, write up reviews or just basically be lazy around the house and watch movies or series. Deciding to start this weekly blog posts makes me ponder about life which I rarely do nowadays since I’m too busy with everything that is going on. Also, I like the idea of sharing my thoughts since it reminded me of my younger days where I usually think about life and dream about things.

Since Princess of tagged and encouraged me to start a weekly blog post, I decided to start with sharing how I started blogging.
So, I’m going to start back when I first discovered my love for writing when I was in my grade school or elementary. With the big influence of anime, I started writing stories when I was 9 and letting some members of my family read what I wrote. By the age of 9, I had my first diary which I always use to write my thoughts every single day. Since I had a lot of time during my younger years, whenever I get home, I wrote everything about my life, dreams, family, friends, school, frustrations, love and even the episode of my favorite anime during that time. I continued writing on my diary until I already stopped a few years ago because I was a busy with life itself.

Let’s go back during my high school life where I first discovered the world of blogging. Before Facebook, I remembered the website, Friendster was the most popular social media site during those days. Friendster had this option of adding a blog on their site which I used most of the time to share anything I want to post on the internet. Internet wasn’t that much of a necessity during those days and not most of the people reads my blog. So, everything I share on my first blog was all about what happened during those times. Besides my diary which I wrote my personal thoughts, my blog became my online diary. Having a blog makes it easier for me to type my thoughts rather than writing it down. Though I still want a physical or hard copy that’s why I keep a diary up until now.

Back to blogging, after Friendster I migrated to Live journal for a while then finally settled to Xanga for years. I think Xanga had been my main blog during my college days. Blogging started to become popular that time as well as Youtube though I didn’t focus much on the content of my blog. My Xanga blog served as my online diary which I posted most of my personal stuff. I remembered posting or sharing my love life or even my family problems as I didn’t think that people whom I didn’t knew would read those posts. So, I ended up receiving anonymous hate comments at times.

After college, I deleted my Xanga blog and tried Tumblr instead. My Tumblr blog started as a re-blog posts then after a year, I changed it into a more personal but a bit informational blog. I started to share some reviews about hair dye and some make ups that I do love. Until in 2014 where food stalls and restaurants started to emerged and so food trips started to become my thing. I realized why not share my thoughts or review on my blog about the food stalls or restaurants I’ve been to. Quality of my blog wasn’t my priority during those times since I focus more on the quantity of my reviews. I used my old cell phone for my photos and I just basically click and shoot the foods just for the sake of having photos uploaded on my blog or social media sites.
 Old Tumblr blog (2011-2015)

That’s also the year when I signed up an account at Zomato which played a big part on my food blogging. I used Zomato site to check on the reviews about the restaurant as well as check the prices if it is within my budget.  I remembered being so happy when I first received a Zomato invite which sadly, I couldn’t attend. It was then after 5-6 months when they invited me again and finally attended my first Zomatofoodie meet up in February 2016. Since then, I usually attend Zomato foodie meet up if I have a time . Zomato foodie meetups are fun since I'm able to meet fellow foodies like me who shares the same passion.

In 2015, my first camera which is the Samsung NX Mini changed my life. Quality of photos was now one of my priorities and I think I did a pretty good job on editing as well. I’m not a pro at taking photos or editing but having a camera to take a photo instead of a phone makes me inspired to take better photos and improve my skills.

Since I want to improve my blog and Tumblr had limited blog themes, I had to make a big decision to migrate to a different blog site. Blogger or Blogspot has been my dream blog site since I was in high school but didn’t had a chance to open my blog on that site for the reason of fear.  An old friend of mine discouraged me to use blogspot since that friend told me it would be a bit hard for me to manage a blog at blogspot which I regretfully believed until I signed up in 2015. So, in December 2015, I finally migrated my blog from Tumblr to Blogger. At first, it was hard since I’ve already established something on my old Tumblr blog. Imagine starting again from scratch and editing everything (means 200-300+ blog posts) from my old blog.

Foods were the focus of my blog until I started sharing beauty reviews in early 2016. If you follow this blog, I always mentioned, Cheska’s Store for some of my product reviews. When I was just starting on my beauty reviews, Cheska’s Store was the first online shop who sent me a product, Snow AuraWhitening Booster Mask, first product I reviewed. After that, they sent me more products like whitening and some make ups to review. Cheska’s Store played a big part on my beauty reviews since they’re first shop who believed in me even though I was just a random starting blogger when they first sent me that product for review. Unintentionally, my blog and Youtube channel now became a beauty site which focuses on whitening and reviews.

Would you even believe that I do everything for passion? I don’t compensated from blogging nor posting on my Youtube channel since sadly, I have a problem with my Google Adsense. So yes, I do everything for free and for the passion of sharing.

Having this blog for more than a year already, makes me think that somehow my goals are achieved by reaching out to girls and even boys who loves the same thing as me. My goal is to share my experience about the dishes and restaurants I went to as well as share my thoughts about a certain product that I love. I feel so happy whenever I receive comments and messages on how this blog or even my Youtube channel helped them in a lot of ways.

Being a blogger and a Youtuber makes me a bit conscious about the things I share. I used to be so vocal about my thoughts and opinions before but I noticed I don’t share much of that nowadays. Social anxiety and expectations from people pressures me a lot and this has been bugging me since honestly, it keeps me from doing what I love. Starting this weekly blog posts would be a big help for me to slowly open-up again and just be myself. It’s not that I’m not myself but it’s about knowing my capacity and believing that I can do and share MORE. 
I still have lot's of things I want to improve on my blog and Youtube channel so please do look for ward to that in the next coming posts. This had been my longest entry ever and I’m so happy to share this thoughts with you since it was a very long time since I’ve done this kind of personal posts.  Hoped I helped or inspired you somehow guys. So how about you? Do you have a blog or even thinking of starting a blog site? I want to know how you started blogging or what makes you motivated to start a blog? Let’s be friends! :D

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