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by - 5/07/2017 05:25:00 PM

One of my skin problems is having an open pores on my nose area and around it. You might not see it on my photos nor videos but my pores are really huge. It wasn’t that huge until I recently noticed it a few years ago.

Honestly, my pores doesn’t seem to bother me that much until I realize that I need to take care of my skin NOW. For years, I’m only relying on my usual skin care routine and praying that my pores would magically disappear in time. But no, it won’t happen I know. Haha

A few months ago, I saw that Vida Nutriscience recently launched a new product which helps to minimize the pores which is the Snow Pore Minimizer Toner. By the way, if you’re familiar with the famous Snow Skin Whitening Cream, Snow Skin Whitening Lotion and Snow Skin Whitening Soap, this Snow Pore Minimizer Toner is also from the same brand. I’ve already tried and reviewed the 3 products mentioned and they’re all great products for whitening.

I started using the product last March 2017 twice a day (every other day). Already on my 2nd month, I’m now ready to share my thoughts with you today.

Product Info: Snow Pore Minimizer Toner is the latest innovation of Vita Nutriscience that can be applied after cleansing for extra pore-tightening & clarifying benefits. The clarifying solution exfoliates, controls excess oil, and refines pores without over-drying.

Key Features:
- Balance pH levels
- Removes dead skin cells and prevents clogged pores
- Smoothens skin’s texture
- Antibacterial

Packaging: The packaging is very simple and straight forward. It comes in this white box and the description can clearly be read. 

Weight: 100ml

Price: Php149 at Cheska’s Store

Scent: Minty scent

How To Use: After washing your face, put a little amount of this toner on a cotton or cotton pad then apply it evenly on your face. Recommended use in the morning and evening. 

- Immediate effect is cooling sensation and a bit tingly on the skin at first.
- At some days, this toner stings on my face upon application so I prefer to apply it in front of the electric fan. It actually lessens the stingy sensation.
- After my skin gets used to this product, the toner seemed to gentle on my skin after wards.
- At first few weeks of using this product, I didn’t see any changes on my pores but at that time, I was still hoping for a difference on my pores.
- Just after weeks of trying this product out, I noticed how healthy my skin is. It didn’t break me out and glad that it made my skin smooth.
- Only on my 2nd month did I experience a change on my pores when I was looking and comparing the photos I took before I started using the product.
- Please take note that this product is for pore tightening and not for whitening.

Watch my video review on my Youtube Channel below:

- Effective toner as it minimizes my pores (not drastically but yes, pores shrink a bit)
- Gentle on the skin
- Made my skin smooth
- Love the packaging
- No breakouts
- Good for all skin types, especially with oily, acne prone and sensitive skin like mine
- Affordable

- Always out of stock

Verdict: Currently I’m still using this product as part of my skincare routine and yes, my skin loves this product a lot. Glad that my pores are starting to minimize and love that face feels smooth. My skin easily breakouts when I’m trying new products and I didn’t experience any unwanted side effects as of the moment. For a toner that works well on the pores, I believe the price of Php 149 compared to its effects is more than what you paid for you. Product is very AFFORDABLE and I highly recommend this skin type like mine (oily skin, acne prone and sensitive skin).

Would I recommend this? As I mentioned above, I’m still not done with the whole bottle so will still update you once I finish the bottle. But so far, my skin loves it and yes, I definitely recommend this one as an effective pore toner minimizer.


Snow Pore Minimizer Toner is available at Cheska's Store. For more info, you may contact them here: 
IG: @cheskasstore 
Contact num: 0916 582 8800 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Cheska's Store. I'm not paid to make this review and the product was sent for me to try. My reviews are based on my own experience so keep in mind that while a product may work for me, it may or may not necessarily work for you. I do hope you find my review helpful since all my reviews are 100% honest.

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I also have the same problem with pores :( Thank you for sharing this! <3

    Claire -

  2. I saw that product at watsons a while ago and im planning to try it tnx for the review made me convince more

  3. I got mine for 79 pesos naka 50% off sa Watson's ����

  4. Stop using products with bad alcohols in it. Make a reasearch on bad and good alcohol in the skin.