Divisoria Haul - April 2017

by - 5/01/2017 03:00:00 AM

Last April 18, 2017 (Tuesday), I and some of my cosplay-turned-Youtuber friends went to Divisoria for a shopping. Divisoria in Manila is a shopping capital for those who wants to buy things for a much cheaper price. It’s been a while since I last went to Divisoria and the last one was in January of this year. Since it’s already summer here in the Philippines, we were really sweating a lot during our shopping. I advise to wear comfy clothes, bring a water and bite sized food since the heat can really drain you. Also, don’t forget to wear a sunscreen and bring an umbrella for protection.

By the way, please don't expect too much on this haul since I only bought a few. The BEST part of this shopping is that I finally found where to buy the CHEAPEST FUR or FABRICS ever!

Below are the thing I bought during our Divisoria shopping:

- Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes - Php235 (698 Mall)

- Duo Angled Eyebrow Brush - Php20 (698 Mall)
- Unbranded Blush Brush - Php130 (999 Mall)

- Taiwan Lashes (Php45 at 698 Mall, Php100 at 999 Mall)

- Hair Velcro - Php5

- Real Techniques 2 Miracle Complexion Sponges - Php130 (698 Mall)

- Faux Fur - Php395/yard, Php 197.50 per 1/2 yard (Manco, Ilaya St)
- Shining Circular - Php200/yard, Php100 per 1/2 yard (Manco)

Like I told you, I only bought a few things but I’m so happy since I finally bought the fur fabric that is perfect for my flat lays. The rose pink and cream fabric is so feminine and perfect for me. While the white fur is good steal since I was able to buy it at a much cheaper price compared when bought online.

I still have lots of things I wanna buy at Divisoria but maybe I’ll come back again after a few more months. J

How about you? Have you been to Divisoria or have bought anything at Divisoria? Let me know what you bought too. :)

Thank you!

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