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I'm an avid fan of milk tea ever since it started to boom here in the Philippines years ago. But I must admit, even though I really love drinking milk tea, I didn't have that much information or knowledge about Tea before.
Super Duck Modern Tea Shop is a famous Taiwanese tea shop that originated from Lukang ChangHua County, Taiwan and was brought to the Philippines in 2012. Currently, they already have 3 branches in QC and 1 in Ortigas area.

Last March 15, 2016 (Tuesday), I was glad to be invited by Zomato and Super Duck Modern Tea Shop for a food tasting at their D. Tuason branch. Never heard of this tea shop before (well since I don't normally go to other places besides Marikina nowadays) but hey they do have lots of positive reviews on Zomato so I knew this was different from the usual tea shops I went to.

Before the food tasting, we were oriented about where the Tea originated from, how it was made and also they shared with us the different kinds of Teas. I really liked this part since it helped me understood more about tea.

Let's go look at this branch interiors. Place is very spacious, cozy, and really a perfect spot for long tambays with friends. They also have more seats upstairs.



I won’t make this intro long.. so below are the the samples of the tea that were given to us.

Black tea
Jasmin Tea
Oolong Tea White Tea
- Among all the basic tea, I find the Black Tea perfect for my taste. While the white tea doesn't really have that much taste since they were no sugar added.


Rose Lemon Tea with Aloe Vera (Php95)

Tropical Fruit QQ Tea (Php95/110)
- I like both the fruit teas since I like that I can really taste the fruits bits and the fresh tea. Though I really really liked the Rose Lemon Tea a lot! Never tasted this anywhere so this is something I would really comeback for! :)

Passion Fruit with Perilla Seeds (Php80/90)
- What I liked about this is that they really used real Passion fruit for this tea. I also like the Perilla seeds along with it.

Pearl Milk tea
- I find the pearl milk tea very creamy and smooth, just the way I want it. I don't usually order plain Pearl milk tea but this was a game changer for me. Not the usual pearl milk tea I tasted before. I liked this pearl milk tea a lot.

Yakult Kiwi (Php100)
- Didn't knew until now that yakult and kiwi tastes good when combined into a tea drink. I liked this a lot!

Black sesame pearl Milk Smoothie
- Very light taste and smooth.

Heineken Green Tea
- One of my faves from the drinks given to us. Never tried a beed with tea drink and yep, I liked this drink a lot! Very distinct so I will also come back for this drink.

Roasted Matcha with Brown Rice and Grass Jelly (Php95/110)
- I'm matcha lover but never really tried the "real"/non powdered matcha drink. I also liked this drink since I was able to taste the matcha well along with the brown rice and grass jelly.

Oreo Oolong Milk Smoothie
- I liked this drink too and I think most teenagers would order this one since it's a sweet milk smoothie.

Wintermelon Nai Kai (Rock Salt and Cheese)
- One of the best tea ever!!! They used real wintermelon for this drink and the Nai Kai on top was the sooo good! Just a trivia, the owners told us that the right way to drink this is not to stir or mix the Nai Kai on top. To be able to enjoy this, just drink it the way it is. Their Nai Kai is very distinct, perfect rsc for me. I will definitely comeback for this drink!

Golden Oolong Tea Bag
- The golden oolong tea was good. Perfect drink right after we eat.

Actually, I can't seem to choose 1 as my favorite milktea from them since EVERYTHING was sooo good! But my top faves are Rose Lemon Tea, Heineken Green Tea and Wintermelon Nai Kai. I really liked that I can taste the intensity of the tea in every drinks we had. And ALL are deliciously different from my usual milk tea.

We were also given food samples starting with Quacker Sample (Fries (Php50), Tofu Bites (Php65), Cheesdog (Php90), Nuggets (Php90), Crispy Shrooms (Php70), V-Calamares (Php90), Dynamite)

- Everything was made from veggies except the dynamite. Not greasy nor oily, just perfect for every bite. The best for me is the Crispy Shrooms. A really must try.

Veggie Pasta:
Spaghetti with Soy Meatballs (Php100)

Vegetarian Carbonara (Php120)
- For pasta, I find it plain and ordinary. The spaghetti sauce lacks more tomato taste but I liked the Soy Meatballs a lot.

Pizza Sampler (Bacon Mushroom, Shrimp Pesto, Hawaiian, Vegetarian)

- I find the thin crust perfect along with a milk tea. I also liked the Hawaiian pizza a lot since there were really lots of cheese on that flavor. Haha

Quack Pao
- wasn't able to taste this one :(

Chori Burger with Matcha Basil Aioli
- I was starting to get full when I took a bite on this burger. Not a fan of Chorizo but I did liked the taste of the burger along with the chorizo and matcha basil aioli. Right combination, perfect for my taste.

Super Duck Fried Chicken with Gravy
- I liked that they their super duck chicken had a distinct taste which everyone would really like. The chicken was crispy and juicy inside. It was really fried well, not too oily or greasy.

12-Hour Tea-infused Pork Belly with Rice
- It was good though I was expecting for a sweet taste on this one.

Egg Custard Pao

- Best dessert ever! The oozing egg custard inside is definitely heaven!

By the way, they were so generous to give us free take out drinks of our choice. I got the Premium Milk Tea Coco Oolong Adzuki Bean Pearl Milk Tea (Php120)
- Very tasty, milky and smooth. I liked the combination if the Adzuki beans along with the pearls on my drink.

Overall, I never appreciated a tea shop until today. The information we learned about tea really helped me understand how a tea was made. I liked that this tea shop is very distinct and different from what I usually drink. Since I really wanna comeback and try again my fave drinks mentioned, I do hope they'll have kiosk on malls or public areas since the D. Tuazon branch and other branches aren't that accessible for me. They also need more promotion in social media accounts as I think, Super Duck really deserves a recognition when it comes to quality and healthy teas. 

Will try to visit other branches soon especially that I'm craving for my fave drinks mentioned above as of writing. Haha


Super Duck Modern Tea Shop D.Tuazon Branch
Located at: GF TCC Center, 190 D. Tuazon corner Malaya St., Sta. Mesa Height, Banawe Quezon City
Opens at: 10AM-11PM
Phone number: 2469069 ext 237

Super Duck Modern Tea Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Super agree I love all the teas! Can't choose a favorite pwede bang lahat na lang? He He He