FOODTRIP(76): Chef Joseph Viel Italian Street Food & Billie Bean at Calle Lila

by - 3/05/2016 05:00:00 PM

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to visit Calle Lila at Lilac St again. 

We came across Chef Joseph Viel and Billie Bean stall. 

The menu can already be found on their counter. 

Photo with one of the owners :) @billiebean 

Here's what we ordered: 

Lasagna Al Forno (Php130) 
- For me the pasta was a little heavy on my tummy which is good. I just finish this meal a little bit small for the price. 

Osso Buco (Php 150) 
- Not a fan of this kind of pasta but I think this taste better than the Lasagna. For me, it has a distinct taste which you'll definitely remember. 

Risotto Balls (Php100) 
- I love this as it has lots of cheese! Soft, chewy and cheesy. Loved it a lot! :) 

Caramel Cold Brew 16oz (Php100) 
- If I remember this correctly, according to the owner, their coffee beans are from Kalinga/Sagada/Benguet brewed over time. Out of curiosity, I ordered BillieBean's Caramel Cold Brew and wow, I was wide awake. Haha I really like this version as I can perfectly taste the caramel and the coffee. Though I find this a bit bitter. Maybe a bit of milk/creamer for me, will do. But if ever I need to be awake the whole night, I might stop by and order this. 

After we ate, the owner personally came to our tables and gave us this cupcake as a freebie. ❤❤❤ 

Then a cat came to my side. Haha She must have felt that I love cats so she keeps on purring beside me. Aww. 

Overall, I really had a nice experience dining in at Calle Lila. Especially impressed with the owner's efforts to answer our questions and that cupcake freebie really made our day. Will definitely comeback, especially that coffee drink 👍👍👍 

Chef Jospeh Viel Italian Street Food and Billie Bean stalls are located inside Calle Lilla
Located at: Lilac St., Concepcion Dos Marikina City 
Phone Number: 09175923459 

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