Best Toners for Oily and Acne Prone Skin

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I have an acne prone, oily and sensitive skin that's why it's hard for me to look for products that will best suit my skin without having breakouts. As you all know, I had a HUGE PIMPLE BREAKOUTS a year ago that lasted for 6 months (cystic acne!!!). Good thing, my skin is now way better although recently, the breakouts started again. Good thing, my skin is now healing and I haven't had any huge pimples so far.  
My skin is far from perfect. I still have red marks, blemishes and imperfections although those are really manageable compared to having pimple breakouts. Lately, I've been trying out different skincare product to help "maintain" the skin I have now. 

Here are the tips on how to avoid having pimples or acne: 
1. Start with a good cleanser.
Good skincare starts with a good cleanser. Before, I don't focus much on cleansing of the skin thus adding up to the oil production that I have on my skin. Oil starts to build up on my t-zone in about 2 hours thus more oil = clogging of pores = pimples. Now, I make sure to double or triple cleanse my skin. 

2. Use products with the ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid and Retinol. 
There are a LOT of different anti-acne products in the market that claims to get rid of acne so I make sure to look these ingredients up before I'm convinced. For me, these are the basic ones that should be in an anti-acne product.

3. Personally, use non-too moisturizing products.
My current skin is normal to dry and it really takes 10-12 hours before I oil up. No oil production = no 
build up of bacteria = no pimples. I prefer products that would really strip off the oil on my skin thus leaving it dry. Though at times, my skin looks so rough, dry and dull so I still use moisturizers every 2-3x a week. Personally, I noticed that most of the Korean products are too moisturizing for the Philippine weather (hot and humid). These Korean products are made for Korean weather thus most of their products are moisturizing. Before, moisturizers really makes my skin more oily and thus I experienced having bad breakouts. Now, I choose Korean products carefully. 

4. Watch your diet. 

5.  Sleep on time.
I noticed that the more hours I sleep, the less pimple breakouts I have. It also helps to shrink the pimples when you get to sleep for more than 8 hours because the cells regenerate faster when we sleep on time (at night). 

6. You can use supplement such as Collagen. 

7. Use spot treatment to treat the pimples. 

6. Hydrate daily!
We need to hydrate daily to replenish fluids and get rid of toxins in the body. 

7. When all else fails, you can consult a Dermatologist.

Today, I'll be sharing with you the BEST TONERS I tried that I highly recommended for OILY, ACNE-PRONE and SENSITIVE skin. 

1. Cicaloe Water Soothing Toner 
from the Korean brand, Labno. The Cicaloe Water Soothing Toner is a fresh water type toner is used for troubled, acne-prone, sensitive and inflamed skin. It has Centella Asiatica and Madecasosside to quickly soothe and protects the skin through instant hydration. It can also remove dead skin cells, blackheads and gives the skin a smooth feel.
*Main Ingredients: 
Centella Asiatica is medicinal plant that has been popular as a skincare ingredient for quite sometime now. It has a lot of skin benefits such as an antioxidant, revitalize the skin's protective barrier and gives hydration to the skin. 
- Madecasosside is an ingredient derived from the plant Centella Asiatica. It reduces the redness and irritation on the skin while keeping smooth and hydrated. 

Weight: 200ml Price: ₱980 

My Thoughts: I've been using this toner as my everyday toner for weeks and I like how it freshen up my skin. I like that it preps my skin for the next routine by keeping my skin clean and smooth. It has just the right amount of hydration which I don't mind. It also helped to remove makeup residue, dirt and oil on my skin especially at night. No breakouts for 2-3 weeks of use. The main 2 ingredients (Centella Asiatica and Madecassoside) really helped to soothe my skin. 

2. Miracle Toner AHA/BHA Pore Clarifying Treatment 
An all-in-one gentle toner and exfoliator that helps balance the PH levels of your skin. It also helps to unclogs & minimizes pores, refines skin tone and promotes skin renewal. 
Weight: 150ml Price: ₱349.00

My Thoughts: I find the toner very mild with a little moisture on the side. I prefer using this every other day instead. 

You can check their products are SM Beauty Stores and Watsons. 

3. Thayers Witch Hazel Toner 
which is alcohol-free, non-drying, gentle toner made from Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Rose Water. It is free from parabens and propylene glycol. 

What is witch hazel? 
Is a powerful medicinal plant that relieves inflammation, fights acne, reduce skin irritation and fights acne. 
It is a natural astringent which moves oil from skin and it is also has an anti bacterial properties which are perfect for those who have acne skin. 

What does Rose Petal do?
It contain natural oils for to moisturized the skin. I relaxes and promotes glow on the skin. It gives that natural dewiness on the skin. 

While the Aloe Vera soothes the skin and also reduce skin irritation and inflammation.

Weight: 355ml Price: Php695 

My Thoughts: Having an acne, oily and sensitive skin makes it hard for me to find the RIGHT toner that would suit my skin and cause no breakouts. After using the Thayers Witch Hazel Toner for almost 2 months, I can say that this is one of the BEST TONERS I've ever tried. It's a mild and gentle toner which didn't dry out or irritate my skin. I noticed that this toner helped lessen the oil production that I have thus I didn't experience any breakouts at all. Love the huge bottle as I know I can use it for a longer period. You can also use this as a facial mask instead. I can't honestly see any cons for this toner except that the bottle is of course, not travel friendly although I believe they have a smaller once in case you want to bring this around. 

Thayers Witch Hazel Toner is now available in the Philippines. You can check their products are SM Beauty Stores and Watsons. 

4. Eggplant Daily BHA Toner 
washes away impurities, dead skin cell and sebum for that clear and fine skin. It has pH 5.5 which set ups the balance on the skin and also soothes troubled skin. It contains 95% nature-originated ingredients.
Key ingredients:
84.43% Eggplant extract ("LUPEOL" - anti trouble, for clear and fine skin)
0.5% salicylic acid (removes dead cells on skin and sebum in pores to make your skin soft and clean)


My Thoughts: 
I'm so picky when it comes to trying toner and this is definitely an exception. I love how the toner feels so light, soothing and made my skin brighter It provides just the RIGHT AMOUNT of hydration on my skin while still keeping it fresh and light. It's not too moisturizing that's why my skin really LOVES this! It also helps to control the oil on my t-zone area and keeps my makeup less oily all through out the day. I highly recommend this for oily to normal type of skin. 

Get it here: 

5. Beauche Skin Toner
A mild toner w/c is kind to skin with virtually no alcohol. Cleanses face with all kinds of surface dirt collected during the day and keeps the moisture of the upper layer of the skin. Helps stimulate the skin after cleansing and help maintain a protective acidic coating on the skin, which help to maintain the strength and cohesiveness of the skin.
Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Metabisulfate, Vitamin C,Ethyl alcohol are the ingredients found in the skin toner which is very mild with zero percentage alcohol.

Weight: 100ml Price: P155 

My Thoughts:
I've been using the Beauche Toner since 2012 and love how it did wonders on my skin. It is truly a mild gentle toner that removes the makeup residue, dirt and oil and preps the skin for the next skincare routine. I love how soft my skin is after use. No breakouts. 
Check out my Youtube channel for the video review: 

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