REVIEW(S): Maybelline BB Silk Poreless White

by - 7/05/2016 12:00:00 PM

Today, I'll be reviewing one of my fave products (for me) from Maybelline, the Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder Poreless White. 

Honestly, I'm not into expensive make up powders since I'm very "kuripot". Haha I believe Maybelline products are very affordable and their makeup can be used for everyday look without spending that much. Since college, I regularly use Maybelline products especially their powders. I have tried their Clear Smooth Shine Free Pressed Powder, Clear Smooth All In One, White Super Fresh and Clear Smooth BB Silk Cake Powder. Among them, I think Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White is the best and I'll be reviewing this for you :) 

Since this cake powder came out in 2013, I was really amazed. It claims that it has pore smoothing and gives a nice even coverage. It also contains has SPF 21 which protects skin from harmful UV rays. It claims to control oil for hours. 

Packaging: The packaging is comes in purple reflecting compact powder which I find so attractive. The sponge has its separate compartment underneath the powder. 

Color/Shade: I got the 02 Nude Beige
Price: Regular price is Php329 or 350? Bought this for Php250 sale price last year.

Texture: Texture is very smooth and silky, as it claims to be. 
Coverage: I really like this powder as it made my face smooth and much brighter. It really gives a great coverage for me. 

Longevity: Since I do have oily face, using this product minimizes the oil on my face. Oil starts to build up after 3-4 hours. Actually, I only use this powder when I go out since I'm already using the White Super Fresh powder on a daily basis. 

- Great coverage 
- Minimizes the oil on my face 
- Brighter skin 
- Smooth and poreless finish
- Cute packaging 

- Since I'm kuripot, I find the regular price too expensive for me especially for daily use :( 
- This product is not available anymore :( Heard that they replaced this product with the Maybelline Dream Satin Skin which gives off the same/better finish and coverage.

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