REVIEW(S): Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in Strawberry Ade

by - 7/03/2016 12:00:00 PM

It's been almost 2 years already when I first started using lip tints as I find it very affordable, easy to use and long lasting compared to other lip products.

I remembered buying my first lip tint, which was this Etude House Dear Darling Tint in 2014. I wasn't really into beauty blogging before so I wasn't able to share a review about this. Since then, I've been switching with different Korean lip tints brand for over 2 years namely, The Face Shop's My Lip Eat Cherry, Tony Moly's Tony Tint and Peri Pera's Tint Water. 

If you have read my previous review, I already shared with you my thoughts on the EH Dear Darling Tint here. For today's review, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts about the Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in Strawberry Ade, which is the newest Dear Darling tint line of EH. 

Description: "A moisty-fruity water tint with the feeling of refreshing fruits bursting" 

Packaging: This comes in a cute nail-polish-like bottle, sealed in a plastic. You need a caution when it comes to using this as the bottle can spill of easily. It also comes in this doe-foot applicator. Expiration date is also indicated.

Price: I actually forgot the exact price but I think it's around Php250. 

Volume: 45g 

Consistency: Very watery. This water tint tends to dry my lips so I recommend using a lip balm or petroleum jelly to moisturize the lips. 

Color/Shade: This Dear Darling Water Tint line comes in 3 shades but I got mine in Strawberry Ade. Strawberry Ade has that pink-purple tone.
- I like the color a lot as it is very pigmented compared to their jelly type Dear Darling Tint. 


When Used: 
At 4:39 AM:
At 8:51 AM:
At 11:45 AM:
Sharing with you my video review of EH Dear Darling Tint on my Youtube channel below:

- Very pigmented (compared to their jelly type Dear Darling Tint) 
- Long lasting 
- Love the vibrant pink color 
- Cute packaging 

- A bit drying on the lips (I recommend to use a lip balm or petroleum jelly to moisturize the lips) 

Verdict: I really like the vibrant pink shade of this water tint and it is also very long lasting. Since this can be a bit drying on the lips, a lip balm or petroleum jelly is a must.

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