FOODTRIP (47): Tokyo Tempura + Pink Chiffon + Kiseeeg

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A few days ago, I and some of my college barkada (Kiseeeg) met up at Marikina for a food trip in Lilac Street. I suggested to try the newly opened Tokyo Tempura in Rainbow St to try their UNLIMITED TEMPURA for Php199 only!
Going to the place isn’t that hard. Just ride a jeep/fx with a signage of SSS and asked to be dropped off at Lilac St. Walk straight until you find China Bank beside the public school. The street right there is Rainbow St and you have to walk to be able to see Tokyo Tempura (if you’re familiar with Some Kind of Wonderful, they’re on the same street).

We went around 7pm but the place was full. We were asked if we’re willing to wait since they can’t put more seats outside due to the bad weather. The guy who was in charge of the place (I think) said that place is always full especially around that time. Good thing after around 10-15 minutes, we were able to seat inside. 

This small place has a lot of vintage designs that maybe contrast to Japanese foods they serve. They can also accommodate maybe 20-25 people with electric fans inside. 

You need to order here first before they serve you the foods. :

Here’s the menu:

Seeing the menu made us think to try their Unlimited Tempura. Unlimited tempura is so tempting pricing for Php199 only. But they have Biggu Tempura Meal (9pcs) for Php 105. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish 9 pcs of tempura, what more if we ordered the unlimited ones.

So here’s what most of us ordered:
Biggu Tempura (9pcs) Php105 + rice Php20
Kani Tempura Php45
Chili cheese Tempura (Php49)
(No individual photos since I was so focused on eating and being with my friends that time. Haha)
 The shrimp tempura was delish but since we’re eating 9pcs of tempura, somewhere in between, there is an “umay” factor afterwards. Good thing we also ordered Kani and Chili Cheese Tempura for a different taste. There is also wide variety of drinks offered, but I ordered Coke Vanilla.

Overall, I think this is good place to dine if you are willing to try an unlimited tempura for more than 9pcs (Good luck to your <3 haha). Place isn’t that conducive for those long talks as place can get too crowded especially if you go there at peak hours. So mind you, better go there at non – peak hours. But this is something I highly recommend especially for those who has big appetite for tempuras :)

Tokyo Tempura
Located at: 81 Rainbow St. SSS Village Marikina City
Opens: 10AM-10PM

Afterwards, we went at Pink Chiffon for desserts and some chit chat. I have dined here already and blogged about it last year.

Here’s what we ordered this time:


Apple Pie


Sorry if I’m not familiar with the name and prices since my friends were the one who ordered here.

But I have a photo at Pink Chiffon’s lovely floral wall. :))))))))))
Pink Chiffon
Located at: 49 B Lilac St SSS Village Marikina
Opens: 10:30AM – 9 PM
Phone number: +63 9178231027 / +63 9166837485

Btw, since it’s been a while since I last saw my friends so here’s A LOT OF PHOTOS from us of course, taken by ME. Haha

Meet up with Jep at 711 :)

At Tokyo Tempura

At Pink Chiffon
Happy 9 years of friendship KISEEEG! Going 10 next year :)

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