FOODTRIP(49): Leon's Bistro + met a Food Blogger + Bubbalab Marikina

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Last October 17, I and my high school friend Jumi was supposed to attend the first foodie event in Marikina, The Lilac St Food Fest.
Saw the photos uploaded around afternoon. And there weren’t that much people at that time. It was a rainy day so we supposed people opted to stay inside their homes. We already came at Lilac St around 5:30 or 6pm and was surprised to see LOTS of people who came to the event. Stalls and seats were already full and the line for orders were really long. Though it was raining, place was really hot due to the crowd. So we just decided to walk going to Empireshop Building to try some restaurants around the place. 

We decided to try Leon’s Bistro as there were 2 avail seats that was perfect for us. Even though there were a lot of people that time, I think the place is nice, clean and comfy. Upon seating, we were immediately handed the menu. 

Here’s the menu I got from (but I believed that some of the prices went up. 

Here’s what we ordered: 

Japanese Seafood Carbonara (Php175)
- I really love pasta and white sauce so I ordered this one. Their Japanese Seafood Carbonara really amazes me as the combination of the white sauce and seafood toppings compliments well. Servings given were quite enough for me.

Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin Medallion with Mashed Potato (Php330)
- I only tasted a bit of this dish (as this was Jumi’s order), the taste was really delish. The tenderloin medallion combines well with the mashed potato and the sauce. Servings given were also a lot.

**Both of the meals were definitely delish. Though along the way, there was “umay” factor as we were both eating just 1 meal. So sometimes we just tasted each other’s food for that “pang alis umay” haha :)

Overall, I think I had a nice experience dining at this place. Foods was all okay but I think prices are quite high end especially for foodtrips. But if you want a nice dining food experience with high quality foods, I think this one of the restaurants in Lilac St I can totally recommend for you. :)

Leon’s Bistro
Located at: GF 10 Lilac St Concepcion Dos Marikina City
Phone Number: 02 955 4272
Opens: Sun-Sat 11AM - 11PM

Btw, I met KC from at Lilac Food fest last Saturday and she’s really nice :) She’s one of the best food bloggers in Marikina that’s why I was really glad that I finally met her that day. We just had a small talk about food stuffs. Hope to have food trips with her in the future :)

After eating at Leon’s Bistro, we headed at Bubbalab in C&P Mall, just near our alma mater (St.Scho Marikina). 
Since I already heard that Frappes are really great here compared to milk teas, I ordered their Salted Caramel Frappe with Coffee Jelly.
Their Salted Caramel Frappe with Coffee Jelly is the best! I really liked the taste of combined salted caramel + the coffee jelly included. Just a caution with drinking this ahead as their coffee jelly is really strong. I had palpitations and some tremors so I drank lots of water to that time. Haha

This time I was able to appreciate the place as when we went there, there weren’t much people around. We even changed seats thrice! Haha

BubbaLab Marikina Heights
Located at: Extension B, C&B Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue, Marikina City
Phone Number: 02 6820408
Opens: Sun-Sat 10AM- 12MD

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