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Dyed my hair (for the nth time!!!!) with Lolane’s Zcool Milk Pistachio Latte a few days ago. Been eyeing this hair dye from Thailand for months as I find the packaging nice. The model’s ash toned hair is the color I really want. Before buying anything, I ALWAYS read reviews first. Lolane Zcool Milk Color is a brand made from Thailand.
According to Watsons PH website: “Lolane ZCool Color Milk contains Micro Crystal Technology that deodorizes chemical odor while helping the hair absorb the color thoroughly. It is infused with Hokkaido milk extract that can help hair become soft, moist and healthy”

Bought 2 boxes for Php298/each I think. Here’s the box and color guide. 

Box includes:
- Lolane Zcool Color Milk Tube (45g)
- Lolane Cream Developer (70ml)
- 1 pair of plastic gloves
- Lolane Intense Care Keratin Repair Mask (15g)
- Leaflet (with English translation) 

Here’s the manual guide (instructions):
1.       Wear gloves.
2.       Squeeze the color cream into Hydrogen Peroxide bottle.
3.       Shake the bottle of mixture well 30-60 times
4.       Squeeze the mixed color from the fine-tip bottle on your hair. Use fingers to spread the milk thoroughly
5.       Leave for 30-40 minutes then rinse with water

According to the instructions included, the developer bottle should be directly applied on the hair. I mixed the developer and cream tube on a mixing bowl instead since I think it is better to evenly apply the dye. I also ask the help of my sister for dyeing my hair. 2 boxes was just enough to color my hair. (Didn’t applied much on the latter part of my hair since I’m planning to ombre/bleach the lower portion of my hair then will dye it with ash blonde soon! :)) Left it for 45 minutes.

Here’s my hair a few days before applying the dye:

Here’s the outcome: Why more blonde than ash :(((


* Fruity scent
* Affordable for less P300/box
* My hair is already so damaged & dry from constant hair dyeing but using this dye didn’t really damage my hair that much.
* I like the Keratin Mask included as it helped me lessen the damage on my hair. Hair is smooth after using this.

* Ash toned hair wasn’t achieved (way far than I expected)
* A bit stingy on first application
* For me, it’s not DIY hair dye since I know that applying it alone would give me that uneven color. Still needed help from my sister. :)

Overall, outcome was nice since I got back to lighter blonde hair. But my expectations of ash tone failed. :((( My hair looks nice but it still somehow looked like my previous hair color, just a bit brighter. Planning to bleach the end parts of my hair then dye it with ash tone soon :))

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)
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