FOODTRIP (44): Chubbies Qcina Cafe

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Looking for place to eat for dinner, finally got so curious to dine in at Chubbies Qcina Cafe along Lilac Street.
Place is across the Mogu Tree House, Singlish, Udderly Delicious, Pink Chiffon and Teaza’s establishment. And you’ll see an old house transformed into a nice dining place.
Since I really wanted to seat inside, I was quite disappointed when the waiters/waitresses gave us seats just across their counter. :( First, I really want to seat inside since I want to see the place. Second, their waiters/waitresses seems to be all over the places. They were a bit noisy and keeps on talking. I want a nice, quiet ambiance to eat that time.

Menu was handed over to us. We waited around 10-15 minutes before the foods was served. 

While waiting, one of the waiter noticed something behind my back so I immediately look. Turns out, a cockroach was seen at the ceiling above me. So they finally asked us if we want to move inside. (I was kind of happy to know that we’ll be moving inside but disappointed to see a cockroach on the ceiling just above me. Good thing, we food wasn’t served yet at that time.) The seats inside was much colder than the seats across the counter. 

Here’s the menu: (grabbed from

Here’s what we ordered: 

Seafood Marinara (Php185) 
“Sautéed shrimp, mussels and clams with rich Marinara sauce” 
- I’m not a seafood lover but this dish tasted good. Taste is so flavorful. Servings are also huge. 

Creamy Chicken Baked Rice (Php185) 
“Creamy chicken, mushroom and veggies topped with Parmesan cheese and imported mozzarella baked into perfection” 
- Huge servings again. I really love this dish since it’s very creamy and milky. Taste tends to get “umay” afterwards but it’s okay since we have an appetizer for that (the cake). 

Blueberry Cheesecake (Php135) 
- Again… Huge servings! Haha they really us you generous amount of servings even with their cakes. Their Blueberry cheesecake is heaven!! The cake priced at Php135 is really huge for me. We weren’t able to finish this so we had to take it out. 

What I didn’t like about them is their waiter/waitresses. First, when they didn’t offered us the seats inside but then when they saw cockroach above, that’s the only time they asked us to seat inside. Second, the waiters and waitresses were all over the place and keeps on looking at us/at what we were doing. Yea, I know they should be protective of the place but it seems awkward when they keep in looking while were eating. That’s also the main reason I wasn’t able to appreciate the place and wasn’t able to take photos of the place. Third, after I opened the Creamy Chicken Baked Rice, I put the lid on the table but then a waiter immediately took out the lid from the table and cleaned the table while we were eating. I know that the mozzarella cheese/cheese from the lid kind of sticks on the table but I think cleaning the table while we were still eating was kind of rude.

They always seem to be in a hurry to clean up the table at once.

And lastly, I know that they should keep the area clean at all times but as we were eating, they keep on cleaning our table, getting our used tissues (2-3 used tissues) and getting the used plates without asking us.

Overall, they gave us generous amount of servings for the 3 meals we ate so I was satisfied. Recommended? Even though I wasn’t quite happy in how they served us. I will still recommend this place since foods are really worth for your money. :) 

Chubbies Qcina Cafe
Located at: 57 Lilac Street Hacienda Heights Concepcion Dos Marikina City
Phone number: 02 249 9069 ext 323
Opens: Tues - Sun 11AM-10PM


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