My 3rd Cat Cafe Experience at Miao Cat Cafe

by - 11/07/2017 12:00:00 PM

Wonder what HEAVEN looks like?! You’re in the RIGHT place. Yes, I’m talking about the BEST CAT CAFÉ I’ve ever been to! (so far) Haha
I’ve been visiting different cat cafés this past few months and finally went to one of first cat cafés I’ve known but never been to. They’ve opened in 2015 but I had no chance to visit (no friends to accompany me huhu) so excited to share with you my 3rd cat café experience in town.  

Miao Cat Café opened in February 2015 at Congressional Avenue, way far from my home but glad I made this rip to visit them.

Place can be a bit hard to find as they’re located in a small area (2nd floor) in Congressional Ave. I booked an Uber that time but we got lost at some point.

Same as the other cat cafés I’ve been to, one must fill out the registration form and you’ll provided slippers upon entering. By the way, entrance fee is priced for P300/person for 2 hours, inclusive of food and a drink.

Ambiance is very cozy and homey. I like that they have different play areas. The play area is big enough compared to other cat café but small in a sense that there are LOOOOOOTS of cats in this cat café. It was so OVERWHELMING to see that cats are literally EVERYWHERE! This must be HEAVEN!
The only problem I see is that the café maybe a bit smelly due to lots of cats in the place but no worries for me since I can sacrifice that for this heavenly cat café. Almost all the cats were so sweet, friendly and used to people around.
Not much photos though since I was too focused on the cats itself. Haha 

My favorite cat is ALI which is a munchkin breed and born May 2017. While we were at the top of the play area (30 minutes before the cat café closes), Ali suddenly came up to us asking to be pet. Wasn’t able to capture that on photo or video though. Ali is the sweetest cat ever so we asked for the price of this baby munchkin. Php30,000!!! Why Ali Whyyyyyy?


We went home with at 10PM with hopes of coming back to this cat café. By the way, I just found out that they have an ongoing promo on Metrodeal with 50% off: Unlimited Hours & Drinks at Miao Cat Cafe in QC for P199!!! Can somebody join me here please??? Miao Cat Cafe Deal at Metrodeal

Totally enjoyed my stay here at Miao Cat Café. Looking forward to coming back here hopefully soon 😊 By the way, I have a video coming up about my Miao Cat Cafe experience in a few weeks! Better watch out for that. Haha

Miao Cat Café is located at #7 Bgy Bahay Toro Congressional Avenue, Quezon City.
Phone: (02) 274-7937, 0925-877-7617, (02) 366-4534

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