My 2nd Cat Cafe Experience at The Pet Cafe, Blue Bay Walk

by - 11/06/2017 12:00:00 PM

A cat lover since birth but would you believe I’ve only been to cat cafés in town just lately. I just had my first cat café experience at Cat Café Manila in Maginhawa Street a few months ago and glad to finally visit another cat/dog café in town.
Pet Café by Velvet Friends is a mix of cat and dog café situated at Bluebay Walk in Pasay City. I admit, I’m not really a dog person though I’m trying. Dogs usually end up barking at me since I think they can sense I do fear dogs (dog trauma when I was younger). I only got to enter the cat area instead.

As you enter, you’ll see the lovely café with cute interiors. We signed a waiver and paid PHP 220.00 per hour with complimentary iced tea. By the way, they required that one must wear socks upon entering so make sure you have one or else you’ll buy one from them.

The play area is spacious and I love the big windows right beside the cat area. 

And there are LOOOOTS of cats with different breeds. Though I didn't get the chance to take a photo of every cat I saw. Haha
An hour is not enough to bond and play with these cats. Though hope to visit them again! By the way, I have a video coming up about my Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends experience in a few weeks! Better watch out for the cats. Haha

Pet Café by Velvet Friends is located at 2nd flr. Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk, Met Park, Pasay City, Philippines.
Phone num: (02) 8345608

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