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Hello girls! Back with one of your favorite product review which is Oral Glutathione. Today’s review will be about the Gluta-White 500 which I started to take last April 28, 2017.
I’m not familiar with Gluta-White 500 but I’ve seen lots of reviews of this product online. They have positive feedback thus I have a high hope for this product. Made a research first before using this product and was impressed that it’s included in the MIMS (Official Drug Handbook for Healthcare Workers) and even in Filipino Doctor site. It’s the FIRST ORAL GLUTATHIONE I’ve seen on MIMS and Filipino Doctor and as nurse, it means that it is 100% LEGIT.

To begin with, (not to brag or whatsoever) I was already born with a fair skin. During my teenage years, I had a huge hormonal pimple problems which leads me to use derma products to get rid and prevent pimple breakouts. Thus, I do have a lighter skin color on my face compared to my arms, body and legs.

I do get lots of queries about oral glutathione or sometimes, people ask why I still take glutathione or whitening products when in fact I’m already fair skinned. Just for the record, I have no issues with trying out and reviewing products for you guys so I have consent to take these products and share my opinions on my blog and YouTube channel.

To think with, I first started taking oral glutathione a year ago and personally, glutathione does wonders on my skin. I haven’t consistently taken glutathione since I do try different oral glutathione for the sake of review. Since last year I’ve started with Snow Caps, Mosbeau Placenta WhiteAdvanced, Relumins Advance White and Snow Beautycare. I only took 1 capsule a day with 1 tablet of the Kokando Vita White Plus as my Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost the absorption of Glutathione thus taking a Vitamin C together with glutathione is a must.

Some of you may be a first timer taking a glutathione or even hesitant to take one so I listed some questions and answers which might be helpful for you.

1. What is a Glutathione?
- According to the information I got online, "Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by liver. It is the major anti-oxidant produced by the body and our immune system depends in a steady supply if glutathione." In short, one can take an oral glutathione to boost his/her immune system.

2. What is the recommended dosage of Glutathione?
- I can’t claim anything to this but I’ve watch a documentary on Youtube saying that the recommended dosage for glutathione is 500mg. According to them, more than 500mg is considered overdose. Though some claims that the recommended intake depends on your body weight. Personally, I only take 1capsule a day to be sure.

3. How many capsules of Glutathione should I take in a day?
- According to Filipino Doctor site and Official Gluta-White 500 Facebook, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsule a day depending on your body weight. There is a computation for that and can the clearly be explained on the links mentioned.

4. Why is there a need to take Vitamin C while taking Glutathione?
- This is to enhance or boost glutathione levels on the blood that why one must take more Vitamin C than the glutathione. But just to be sure again, I only take 1 tablet of Kokando Vita White. Though it is recommended to take 3 capsule of Kokando Vita White a day.

5. Would oral glutathione and Vita White Plus harm my liver or kidneys since it'll filter everything I intake?
- According to my research, there is no study if oral glutathione really affects the liver or kidneys. I saw one or two articles stating that IV glutathione does more damage to the kidneys. Also, read that the higher glutathione content, the greater the liver's capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals.

6. Is it effective?
- As mentioned, it’s only been a year since I started trying oral glutathione for reviews. So far, I think every glutathione I’ve took were effective for me though they differ in how long did it effect on me. The reactions or effects differ depending on the current skin tone and body weight.  

7. Why it’s taking me too long to see the effects?
- Please take note of the following:
Duration of intake of skin whitening: 
*Medium Brown Skin: 1-3 months 
*Dark Brown Skin: 3-6 months 
*Very Dark Skin: 6-12 months 
*Black Skin: 2 years or more 
*Once a person has acquired her desired color, the maintenance dose will just be 500mg once a day. 

I do apologize for the very long informational introduction so let’s get started with the review.

Product Info: Gluta-White 500 is a food supplement used as an anti-oxidant, anti-aging and for skin lightening. It is used to boost our immune system as well and helps to eliminate harmful toxins in the body. It’s also FDA approved and PIPAC tested to contain the right amount of Glutathione as specified in the label. Gluta-White 500 only includes 500mg of Glutathione.

Packaging: It comes in a blue box with 30 capsules included. The 500mg capsule is color white. I honestly think they should improve their packaging to become catchier. (You may click the photos to enlarge)


1 box includes 30 capsules of Gluta-White 500.

Price: Php1500 at Cheska’s Store

Taste: None

Scent: None

How To Use: 
For beginners, we do recommend that you start off with 1 capsule per day of GlutaWhite 100mg and slowly increase your dosage 100mg per week until you have reached the recommend dosage of 20mg per kilogram of body weight. Remember it is required to take GlutaWhite only after every breakfast and lunch with a full glass of water together with an equal or higher dosage of vitamin c to prevent gastric irritation. Desired results will probably take 3-4 months of use depending on the person’s general health, lifestyle and skin tone. GlutaWhite is Generally Safe with pills and will not disrupt regular menstrual cycle. For men and women ages 16 and up! (source: Gluta White Facebook)

- I started using Gluta-White 500 on April 28, 2017
- I take it together with 1 tablet of Kokando Vita White.
- As of writing, I’m almost done with the 2nd box of Gluta-White 500
- I’m not particular of the time but I usually take this before I go to work once day. Not also particular if I take it with or without meals.
- I didn’t notice the effects until my sister told me that my skin lightens and I’m fairer than her during the 5th week of taking this. Please take note that my sister’s current tone is whiter than me.
- Photo on the left is taken during my Snow Beautycare intake on April. The right photo was taken during my trip to the beach. I do apologize if the lighting isn’t consistent but as you can see on the photo my skin is 1-2 tones lighter than before. I also notice that I got fairer on my Puerto Galera vlog here.

Results after almost 2 boxes of Gluta White 500.

Watch my video review on my Youtube channel below:
-          Visible effects after 5 weeks of intake
-          Easy to take; no any side effects
-          Glowy and radiant creamy white effects
-          No breakouts
-          Affordable
-          Can easily purchase this
-          Boosts the immune system; anti-oxidant

-          It only contains Glutathione

Verdict: After trying almost 2 boxes (60 capsules) of Gluta-White in 2 months, I say that this is ONE OF MY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ORAL GLUTATHIONE. I think this is the ONLY glutathione I’ve intake with only one disadvantage. Yes, compared to other glutathione which has other vitamins included already, the Gluta-White 500 only includes 500mg of Glutathione. But not worries since this is the only glutathione that has NO ANY UNWANTED SIDE EFFECTS. No rotten egg scent, no diarrhea, no hyperacidity and no rotten egg scent on the urine. I like that there is no after taste while taking this. Even though it took me 5 weeks before I started to see the result, I seem okay with that given I only took it once a day. I love the creamy white effects it gave me also I didn’t experience any breakouts. Effective, affordable, no side effects. What more can you ask for? For me, I think it’s a VALUE FOR money and one of my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED oral glutathione.

Gluta-White 500 is available at Cheska's Store. For more info, you may contact them here: 
IG: @cheskasstore 
Contact num: 0916 582 8800 

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)

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