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Recently, wearing glasses has been my thing. I have a perfect vision but that doesn’t mean that I can’t wear glasses, right? I love that wearing glasses makes you look different and stylish at the same time.
Firmoo is a global online shop where you can shop regular glasses and even prescription ones. I believe they are based on the US and can ship to other countries like the Philippines. I’ve heard their brand or site from few Youtubers I’ve watched and was so curious as to why most of their customers have a POSITIVE experience with them. Honestly, at first, I was a bit hesitant to order since it’s really kind of hard to buy glasses without even trying them on hand, right? But let me you tell you something. Firmoo makes optical online shopping EASIER.
Let’s start off by of course, signing up at There, you can browse for lenses that you like. The site is very easy to navigate since you can sort everything from men and women glasses to material, frame, size, shape and style. They offer wide variety of glasses to choose so I really had a hard time choosing what to order.

If you’re having a hard time which one to order, I’m glad to share with you that Firmoo has this option where you can upload your photos and virtually try the glasses on you. I tell you, this option made my life easier since by just looking the glasses is different from when you wear it already.

You can also check the frame size of the glasses you want as they provide measurements for the glasses. The description also includes what materials where used as well as the weight of the glasses. I like that they also have a photo sample uploaded from their customers so I have vision on how it will look on me.


Next you can select the lens that you want to buy and then you will be directed to page where you can customize your glasses. Here you can see the “What kind of glasses do you need”. I chose the Non-Rx one since I don’t need a prescription ones. You can also choose the lens thickness, lens color and lens coating. (click the photos to enlarge)

The lens I chose was priced for $23.99 or Php1208.74 with no prescription. I’m not sure of the price of the prescription lenses here in the Philippines but I heard they’re expensive so imagine having a prescription lens for around S23.99 only!

They gave me a tracking number on my email and expect 5-7 working days for the shipment of my package. And since I’m so excited to receive this, I track the shipment every day. I ordered the glasses on a Friday, they shipped it from China on a Sunday/Monday and surprised to received it on my doorstep a Thursday in Manila, Philippines. The whole process took 6 days only and they shipped it so fast, right?   

The glasses come with a hard case, Firmoo pouch, screws and cleaning cloth.
And here’s my #S947 lovely glasses in pink. At first, I was bit hesitant to order this one since I have a small face. Getting large frame glasses fears me since I’m not sure if I can pull it off. But I’m so glad that this fits perfectly on me. 
The frames I got are wide and in transparent pink. The lens is clear and I can perfectly see everything on this wide frames. This glasses are very lightweight so I think that they’re a bit fragile so you must be careful on handling this.

Below are the selfies I took with my lovely #S947 Firmoo glasses.

Here's the video review on my Youtube channel below:

Overall, I am VERY SATISFIED with my purchase with Firmoo Optical. From looking for the glasses I want to order, shipping and handling the package very well, Firmoo stands out. They also send email updates of the package so big thumbs up for them. I love that their glasses are no more than $39 (remember I got mine in $23.99 only!). They also offer 3-month warranty for every lens. That’s totally a great thing especially for customer who fear of buying internationally. What I also like about them is they have the fastest international shipping as the whole process only took 6 days. Plus, they even delivered the package right on my doorstep. The lens was affordable, stylish and perfect for me. Can’t wait to use this lens more often. Yay!
By the way, if you want to cooperate with Firmoo, you can send an email at:

Again, a big thanks to Firmoo for the fast-international transaction and quality lens.  
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  3. May you share your measurements? I'm planning on getting this glasses but like you, I have a small face and is unsure if it would look nice on me.

    1. Hi! Not really sure of my measurements because I only relied on the measurements of the glasses :)

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  5. I hope I can find the frame on my favorite optical shop. I want this badly.