FOODTRIP(144): Mi Dai Korean Restaurant - Revisiting

by - 7/18/2017 12:00:00 PM

Anneyeong! A few weeks ago, went back at one of the famous Korean Buffet in Lilac Street Marikina. It’s the Mi Dai Korean Restaurant and I’ve already tried their buffet last year. A year ago, they were still located at Rainbow St but they already moved out to Lilac Street. Here's my blog about the restaurant last year: click HERE.
The place is now air-conditioned and they still got a big space for more customers. Though personally, their old location which was non- aircon was spacious for me. It got a more Korean vibe compared to last year though still lacking Korean decorations. We all noticed that the floor was so slippery so you really must be careful when walking. I think they should also improve or add their exhaust fans as it was hot inside.

Here’s the menu below:

We all ordered their Php299 Unlimited Pork Samgyeopsal that includes unlimited banchan, iced tea, rice and soup.

Pork Samgyeopsal
-          I think their pork was average, nothing special but I love that it was soft and chewy.  

-          I forgot what soup this is but it tastes so good!!!  It was a great appetizer for me.

-          Honestly, I couldn’t taste all the banchan available since the service was so slow. L  I personally love their Kimchi and the yellow which I forgot to take a photo.
-          The lettuce was fresh and crunchy.

This is already my 2nd time dining here and honestly, I thought I would change my not-so-positive review last year. When it comes to the samgyeopsal, I think the taste improved this time but the service got worst. Last year, I remembered that the staffs were polite, very friendly and accommodating. I know that there were lots of customers during out visit and I can feel how tired they are already. I only see 2 or 3 staff who assists each table so I feel bad that we always have call their attention 2-3x when we ask for refill. Each table consists of 4-10 persons I think and maybe they should add their staffs especially during night time. They should also improve or maybe change the tiles on the floor as they were so slippery as well as the restroom too. For the price of Php299 for unlimited samgyeospal, I think it’s not bad given that it very affordable. But I still believe that should improve on the service and food quality too. J

Mi Dai Korean Restaurant
Located at: 50 Lilac St. Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Opens at: 11AM - 10PM
Phone number: 09998070089
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