REVIEW(S): Rire Lipmanicure in #11 Pink Brown

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Who wants a matte lip cream that doesn’t really dry your lips that much? Say hello to Rire Lip Manicure from Korea. Been reading a lot of nice reviews from this so I think I might wanna give it a try.

**Btw, I bought this from @koreanaph shop at the newest Empire Fashion Café in Lilac Street. I have ordered @koreanaph online in their instagram before (bought my Peri Pera’s Peristint at their online shop) but this time bought it at their physical shop in Lilac St. Good thing that they joined Empire Fashion Café in Lilac St Marikina since it’s more accessible for me as I can physically see and try the sample products before buying it. @koreanaph sells a lot of nice Korean cosmetics on Instagram. Nice right?

Main Ingredients : Rose hip oil, avocado oil, macadamia seed oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E

Product details
: Perfect show look colors! Long last! Perfect color lipstick. 
: One application will last for more than 12 hours of saturated color, anti-sweat and water blooming waterproof texture. 
: Soft smudge resistance, light and close to the lip skin, takes 1 minute after applying for long lasting without smear of color. 
: Same pottery Lips lip effect, high gloss color, shows gorgeous Lips. 
: Natural vegetable oils also make your lips soft and moist after drying. : Although the surface appears matt, four kinds of moisturizing oils provide deep moisturizing and nourishing care to the lips. 
: Antioxidant effect of vitamin E will reduce lip problems to a minimum. 
: Contains a polymeric silicon component, whether it is hit the water or oil easy to swap makeup.

Shades: Rire Lip Manicure has 12 lovely shades to choose from which is really nice since you do have a lot of choices right?

How to:
1. Use the lip brush to take the right amount of product, gently smear onto the lip skin. * Please do not smudge, smear only once. 
2. Wait until lipstick is completely dry, wait one minute, don’t close the lips. 
3. *optional* When lipstick is dry, use Top coat lip gloss and apply on the lips. 

Been eyeing their #11 Pink Brown shade since I wanted a light/neutral/nude shade since I’ve been using a lot of bright shades lately.

: Small, cute and handy. It comes with a box and there is an English translation at the back.

: Rire Lip manicure has a lot of shades to choose from. I chose Pink Brown shade
gives a nice nude pink and a bit of brown shade perfect for those bright eye shadows
or nude makeup look.

: Nice light cream with a matte finish. It’s a bit hard to remove but I suggest
using a Petroleum Jelly to remove it on your lips.

: Nice smell.

: Bought it for Php550 which is I find bit expensive.

Lasting Power
: Can last up to 8 hours but can be a bit drying and chapped on your
lips after a few hours.

Here’s my nude lips to compare with the use of Rire Lip Manicure Pink Brown

Here’s when used

By the way, I used this shade on my latest photo shoot here:

~ Small and handy packaging
~ Nice creamy matte finish
~ Nice smell
~ Can last up to 8 hours

~ A bit expensive for me (Php550)
~ A bit drying and chapped on the lips after a few hours
~ Kinda hard to remove so I suggest using a Petroleum Jelly
~ Can only be bought online or through online shop’s physical store(s)

Overall, I kinda find this nice on my lips and I use this on when I wanted a neutral lip shade. :)

Anyone ever tried Rire Lip Manicure? What do you think on this one? :)
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