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If you follow me on Instagram(@iamnicolefaller) or Facebook or follow this blog over the years, you’ll notice that I ALWAYS change/dye my hair A LOT of times. But the color is somehow the same for each and every dye I use.

Here’s a background/my hair history I blogged a few months ago:

The last hair color I had was from Hortaleza’s Light Intense Ash Blonde that wasn’t that ashy at all. It was more orange – brown that turned into that ugly brassy orange after 3-4 months.

Since 3-4 months already have passed, black roots were already seen. Since my hair is still dry and damaged from constant changing of hair color for years, I’ve been looking for a dye that won’t do much damage on my hair. Researched a lot then came across this bubble/foam dye from Schwarzkopf. It’s Schwarzkopf Freshlight in Berry Ash since I’ve been dyeing to really have an ashy toned hair.
When I decided to go for this dye and color, I searched around to look for this over drugstores and supermarkets but it wasn’t easy to find. Saw and bought this one at Landmark in Trinoma.

Freshlight Foam 

“Try out this Freshlight Foam range. Its rich mousse texture soaks into hair quickly for beautiful colour result. Its shampoo-look allows you to apply it easily. Moisturizing hair deeply, it makes your hair supple, soft and smooth. Glossy shine is also provided after colour Treatment with silk extract.”

Choose Berry Ash. One box is sold for Php599 and bought 2 boxes since my hair is already long. I find it a bit expensive but I took the risk of buying this since it read a lot of positive reviews on this one. Php 1,200 just for a hair dye.

But anyway, here’s the lovely box of Schwarzkopf Freshlight in Berry Ash.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of what’s inside the box but I took a video instead.
What’s inside the box:
1. Pump
2. Developer
3. Hair color
4. Instruction Leaflet
5. After dye treatment
6. Gloves

Safety Precautions:

Instructions here:

My hair is so long that I bought 2 boxes. I was quite surprised that 1 box was already enough for my bra length hair. I used the 2nd box to retouch roots/hair parts that wasn’t evenly colored on my first application. Though I wasn’t able to evenly spread the dye on my 2nd attempt, resulting to uneven hair especially at the back part. There was still some roots that I missed. I know that my hair was already damaged from previous hair color over the years. I was amazed that the dye didn’t do much damage compared to other brands/dye I have used. My hair looks damaged and dry but if you touch it, it still feels soft.

The after dye treatment that was included on the package was really a LOT! And it also helped conditioned my hair.

Here’s the result: (Before & After)



Ash toned hair achieved on the first day I dyed my hair! Color was more like grayish – greenish tone which I really like since the brassiness was toned down. I also loved it since it made my hair darker in a nice ash tone. Ash toned hair achieved!

What I didn’t liked about this one is that my hair wasn’t evenly colored since I used petroleum jelly at some parts of my face and neck. And my hair was a bit oily that time since I wasn’t able to wash my hair for already a day. I had a hard time waiting for the dye to process on some parts. So some parts of my hair end up not changing at all.

Also the 2nd box was supposed to retouch those parts I missed on the first application but I wasn’t able to check my hair very well. I was only able to saw that some parts of my hair still lacks dye at the end part of the application. Well, yes my fault. I totally recommend for an assistance to check the hair color on you.

I’m already on my 1 ½-2 weeks after I dye my hair and I noticed that it fades away really fast. Read from reviews that this dye is long lasting compared to other brands so I was a bit disappointed when I compared the photo just right after I dyed my hair and my recent hair. Just right after I dye my hair, I was wowed on how ashy my hair was especially the end parts. But after a few washes, I noticed that the end parts of my hair fades into light brown rather than ash. Yes, my hair is still a bit darker than my previous shade but I worry that it might just come back to my previous hair color. Hopefully it won’t turn brassy on next few weeks/months.


-      Easy to use
-      1 box is already enough for a long hair (up to bra length)
-      Less damage compared to other brands
-      Hair treatment included was enough for my hair
-      Didn’t really irritate my scalp (just a lil tiny bit of tingling sensation but it goes away immediately)
-      LOVE the outcome! Expectations of the ashy tone was achieved.. on the first few days

-      Very EXPENSIVE for me since I bought 2 boxes (1box=Php599, 2boxes=Php1200)
-      Hard to find (bought at Landmark in Trinoma)
-      Some parts of my hair wasn’t evenly colored, I totally recommend someone to help you check the hair color
-      Fades fast (after 3-5 washes)

(Taken a few days after)
I totally LOVED my ashy toned hair the first day I dyed my hair. It’s like the dream of ash toned hair was achieve! 

But after a few days / few washes, I was a bit disappointed that it fades so fast. Still loving my hair now since it’s still a bit darker compared to my previous hair color. Hopefully, it’ll fade nicely on the next weeks/months. :)

How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)
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