FOODTRIP (35): The Grill Grub

by - 7/21/2015 08:13:00 PM

Hello to a newly opened foodies at Lilac Street in Marikina, The Grill Grub! Place is located at the GF of Benni II Bldg (just along Breakfast Brothers).

The free drinks quite attracted us and since we wanted to try something new, we dined at their place.

Upon entering, we were warmly greeted by their friendly servers and gave us the menu. I also found out that they just opened a month ago so they’re currently on soft opening. They were kind enough to accommodate us especially when we ask questions about their menu. 
By the way, the place was small, cozy and I immediately noticed the Marvel and other retro tin can posters designed on the place. There were also Evangelion stuffs displayed near the counter.

Food was served for about 15-20 minutes since they said that their dishes was still to be grilled. So while waiting, I was able to take photo of the place. :)

Here’s what we ordered:

Grilled Tapa (with salsa) Php 180(?)

Chicken BBQ (with salsa and bbq sauce) Php 165 (?)

Mashed Potato (P40)

Iced Tea (free)

I was really wowed on how BIG the serving for was. 2 pcs of chicken bbq was more than enough for me. Their rice was kinda different in a good way since it is very tender and cooked well. The best one to try is their mashed potato they said was also grilled. You can actually taste the combination of the potato, milk and butter smoothly melting on your mouth.

Btw, they have promo which is free drinks for every meal they have. You can choose from Iced Tea, Calamansi or Cucumber Calamansi. Their iced tea is like Raspberry and it tastes really good!
I would really like to commend their servers as they were really kind and very accommodating to us. They were always checking on us and asking if the food(s) tastes good.
Over all, I had a nice experience dining here. Recommended to try at Lilac Street. :)


The Grill Grub
Located at: GF Benni II Bldg73 Lilac Street SSS Village Marikina City
Phone number:  0925 520 8916


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