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I have an oily, acne prone and sensitive type of skin. My skin condition is way better compared to years before and I'm glad that I can now try different skincare products without having a breakouts. Currently, I have normal to oily skin - and I noticed that I'm starting to have an oily t-zone 4-5 hours after I wash my face. Although the oiliness of my skin now is more manageable (not extremely oily compared before).

I've been using DIFFERENT skincare products since last year and glad that even though I have a sensitive type of skin, I rarely get breakouts now from using new products. At times, I get small bumps that easily dries in 1-2 days or get 1-2 tiny pimples (with pus inside) every time of the month and that's it. I can say that my skin is now BETTER and more MANAGEABLE. 

Today, I'm going to share with you my review about one of the NEWEST products of the famous Korean brand A.Stop. They are known for the A.Stop Clear Face and Body Toner which is so hyped in 2018. I got to try their Toner, Cleanser and Clear Patch last year and these are one of my favorite anti-acne treatments. Now, I got to try their CLEAR BALM and CLEAR SERUM for my pimple prone skin. 

A. Stop Clear Toner 

Product Info: A soothing cream/moisturizer that relaxes and calm irritated skin. It controls the oil and fights the bacteria and inflammation on the skin. Good for sensitive and acne prone skin.
Key Ingredients: Raspberry, PEG Free, Sheea Buter, Aloe Vera Extract and White Willow
Packaging: Comes in a white and green box. All info are written in Korean language. The product comes in a white squeezed type tube. 
Texture: The cream is very lightweight, non heavy feels like water when applied on the skin. It is non sticky and quickly absorbed by the skin
Scent: Usual herbal scent
Weight: 60 ml Price: ₱900

Product Info: Get rids of the acne, helps to improve and soothe the acne by removal of the dead skin and waste. It also helps to improve or control the acne while hydrating the skin.
Key Ingredients: AHA, BHA, Rubus Koreana fruit and wild berry root extract.
Packaging: Comes in a white and green box. All info are written in Korean language. The product comes in a white plastic bottle with a medicine dropper. 
Texture: The serum is color light yellow. It's not too thick (almost same as water), non sticky and light on the skin. 
Scent: Usual herbal scent
Weight: 55ml Price: ₱1,050


Verdict: I don't usually get pimple nowadays unless it is the time of the month. I got a small bump on my cheeks area and I applied the balm and serum directly on the area affected. I didn't put it in the entire face since I want to concentrated more on the affected area. I noticed that it prevented the pimple from becoming bigger and soothes the skin very well. Since their formula is made for acne prone and sensitive skin, the balm and serum doesn't feel heavy on the skin. It controlled the oil and soothes the skin. My pimple was gone in 3 days. I do recommend using the cleanser- toner - balm - serum - pimple patch for more effective treatment. 
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