Milktouch Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil Review

by - 5/10/2020 12:00:00 PM

I f ever I'll choose, 1 make up product, it'll always be a lipstick. I remembered being so addicted to buying different lip sticks back in 2015-2016. I'm into red and nude shades since it's a shade that can both be used for everyday look. I've tried A LOT of lipstick/lip color and today, I'll share with you the current lip product that I've been using lately. 

This is the Everyday Fitting Lip Pencil from the Korean brand Milktouch. This lip product is very simple and straight the point. They 4 vivid shades that are very moisturizing to the lips (has Vitamin E). These lippies has a semi matte finish and long lasting. 

The packaging come in a simple red box and the product is like a lip crayon. This lip product is highly pigmented. It claims to have a semi-matte finish but I think it more of a sheer finish. 

They 4 shades: Berry Red, Dreaming Coral, Pink Celeb, Urban Rose
Weight: 10g Price: ₱490 (Click HERE for the direct link) 


- Easy to use
- Highly pigmented
- Moisturizing
- Non drying
- Has Vitamin E 

- Easily transfers
- Limited shades 

For more info about the EVERYDAY FITTING LIP PENCIL, you can head out now to my Hicharis store (and discount!!): 
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