SOME BY MI - Yuja Niacin 30 Days Brightening Starter Kit Review

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There are A LOT SKINCARE products to choose from and it is hard to choose which product would suit you the best. Is your skin problematic? Or do you have a lot of dark spots? Is your skin dull and dry? Today, I will share with you skincare products that helped my troubled skin in the past few weeks. 
Before I share my review, let's start with my current skin condition. I have an acne prone, oily and sensitive type of skin. Before, I used to have a super duper oily skin but glad that my oil glands are now manageable. I still have dry areas like the other sides of the face. The oil concentrates more on the t-zone area. I still get small pimples before I get my period although it easily dries up in about 1-2 days. I have a sensitive skin so I make sure to slowly incorporate new products in my routine. 

This is the YUJA NIACIN line from the famous Korean brand, Some by Mi. I first knew their brand a few years ago when they first released their AHA BHA Toner. Since then, they've been releasing a lot of new products for every skin type. Recently, they got a new skincare line to help brighten and moisturized the skin. 
It is a dual functional product which brightens (Glutathione, Arbutin and Resmelin®) and moisturizes (Aquaxyl and Fructan™)the skin . This line has a high content of Goheung Yuhja (70%) from Jeonla Province in Korea. It also has Niacinamide to brighten the skin and alleviates the freckles and melasma. It also has other 10 kinds of vitamins for the skin. It also contains Vit C which is 3x more than lemon and has a higher moisture conten. It has 100% natural oil - light and quick to absorb good for sensitive skin

6000Yuja = 1kg 

Now let's start with the 4 Step skincare routine. 

Product Info: Contains concentrated Yuju extract to deeply moisturize the skin. It also helps to brighten up dark skin and reduce blemishes and freckles. 

Key Ingredients:
- 90% Goheung Yuju extract
- 5% Niacinamide
- 12 kinds of Vitamins and Lotus Flower Extract
Texture: Runny water like texture

Product Info: Contains pure Yuja peel oil extract that lightens and improves dark spots, freckles and melasma. Helps slin to be soft, fresh and dewy. Can be used in the morning. Claims to reduce spots and blemishes in just 4 weeks of use 
Key Ingredients:
- 82% Goheung Yuju Extract 
- 5% Niacinamide 
- Yuja Citron 
- 12 types of Vitamin
Texture: It is very mild and light on the skin, a little bit moist but non sticky. 
Product Info: Contains highly concentrated Yuju extract that moisturizes and brightens the skin. Also helps to clam irritated skin and has a immediate cooling effect thru the glacier water texture. Prevents melanin production. Easily absorbed by the skin. 
Key Ingredients:
- 90% Goheung Yuju Extract 
- Glacier water 
- 10 kinds of vitamins
Texture: Gel like consistency

Product Info: Has a whitening, brightening and revitalizing effects. Supply hydration and moisture on the skin. Has 100% real Yuja citron (aroma relaxing effect)that helps to relax the skin. 
Key Ingredients:
- 70% Goheung Yuju Extract 
- 10 kinds of vitamins
Texture: Light and quick absorbing formula. Non sticky. 

PRICE for the Starter Set: Php810

How to use: 
1. Use in the order of toner → serum → cream → sleeping mask. 
2. Apply a proper amount of the toner, serum and cream on the face evenly. 
3. Before going to sleep, apply a proper amount on the face evenly and leave it until next day morning. 
4. Wash your face with lukewarm water on the next morning.


Check out my Youtube channel for the full video review: 

Verdict: First of all, I really fell in love with the citrus scent this skincare gives. It is very relaxing and soothing for me. I also love that they have a starter kit for those who wants to try the product first before buying the actual ones. I noticed that my skin became more brighter after using these for weeks. My skin feels softer and smooth. I still have blemishes but glad that it slowly fades in about 3-4 weeks of use. Would I recommend this? Yes of course. Although I advice to 
For more info about the Some by Mi YUJA NIACIN BRIGHTENING STARTER KIT, you may check the links below: 
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