REVIEW(S) : Daiso Cleaning Foam + Sleeping Pack Collagen

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Been actually buying a lot of Daiso products lately. Affordable products for Php88 only! But a few years ago, I was really hesitant on buying makeups from Daiso since I was afraid it would cause breakouts/allergies on my skin especially on my face. But after reading a lot of good reviews from some of their products, I eventually bought and tried some of their products. One of which is what I will be reviewing today. I haven’t read much reviews from these products so I wanna make a review.  
First, we have here the Daiso Cleansing Foam Collagen (Pink one) 150ml.

It says, it makes your skin more smooth and beautiful. Bought this one since I like the packaging a lot and so the word “collagen”. Collagen is good for skin elasticity and helps you get younger looking skin. 

HOW TO USE: Make bubbles with water, softly massage and wash out
PROS: No weird smell or whatsoever, just plain/no smell; Cute packaging; Big enough for a cheap price; It made my skin soft and smooth afterwards; No breakouts
CONS: I really thought it was supposed to be foamy in appearance but it just looked weird. I tried shaking it, thinking it would make a foam but it still didn’t. Though it’s okay since it was soapy enough when use on the face
RATE:  4/5 

For my second product, I bought Daiso Sleeping Pack (Blue and Pink) 100ml
It says, it makes the skin moist while sleeping. Bought this one again because of the packaging and the collagen.
HOW TO USE: Cleanse face. Then apply and spread all over the face, except around the eyes and the mouth. Go to sleep and wash up in the morning. Use 3 - 4 times a week.
This has a gel like consistency.
PROS: Easy to use/easy to spread; Cheaper; It has a gel like consistency; A bit softer skin after using; No smell; No breakouts
CONS: I think this is use only to maintain the condition of your skin 
RATE:  4/5 

Used these 2 product for about a month already but haven’t seen much of a difference. It’s just that face feels smoother and softer after using, I guess. Anyway, will update! 

Well, that’s all for now. Will be reviewing more products SOON! 

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