FOODTRIP (16): Mogu Tree Noodle House + Teaza all over again

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We’re almost half done with all of the foodies in Lilac St. Haha Anyway, we went to Mogu Tree Noodle House last week since I really wanted to try their noodle soup. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews from the internet/blogs but wasn’t able to try this one sooner because we were a little hesitant to try this before. (And I wasn’t really fond of eating noodles anyway) 

The place was smaller than I thought. I really thought it was bigger in the photos I’ve been. But enough to accommodate 15 people I think. They still have a 2nd floor but not quite sure if it was open. Anyway, good thing there were only quite a few number of people eating since we were there around lunch/after lunch time.

Mogu Tree Noodle House is Chinese noodle house. It’s a D-I-Y noodle soup plus you can even choose your own toppings.

Here’s where you got to choose what noodles you want. I got the Fresh Egg Noodles since I like small/thin noodles.
Then you get to choose your own toppings. We only got 2 toppings (2 per toppings of choice). I got Mozzarella Cheese Ball and Sea Urchin Bun.

Then you get to choose which noodle soup you prefer, plain soup or laksa soup. Of course, we got laksa soup. (Since I’ve seen it on blogs and it really looks so yummy!) When we asked the lady seller what laksa soup is, she said the “gata” is added on our soup. Yum! 

We waited for around 10 minutes for our noodle soup to be served. Noodle soup were served in a pot. Pot is really big enough for me. Really worth it for the price!

Here’s how our Laksa Noodle Soup looks like. They also added veggies to our soup.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not fond of noodles but I likey likey their laksa noodle soup a lot. The egg noodles I got was a perfect combination for the laksa soup. And then Mozzarella Cheese toppings I got was so perfect since the cheese inside was melting. Yum yum! 

We were really satisfied with the noodle soup we ate! Paid only Php 145 each for our Laksa Noodle Soup with 2 toppings. This is a really a must try when you go to Lilac St. Highly recommended! 
Mogu Tree Noodle House
Located at:  60E Lilac St. Hacienda HeightsMarikina City
Phone number : (02) 738 6833

 After satisfying ourselves at Mogu Tree Noodle House, we went again at Teaza for milktea. (it’s just 2 foodies/shops away from Mogu Tree Noodle House).
I actually haven’t tried any other milktea they have besides Matcha milktea. And I always order Matcha Milktea with Popping Bobba which is really yummy for me! I like how the bobba pops while drinking my milktea. Anyway, I ordered Matcha Milktea with Rock Salt and Cheese this time. Really yum yum! I love how RSC it perfectly combines with the matcha milktea (not too sweet for me, since I’m really not fond of sweets). New fave milktea combi again at Teaza. 
Teaza’s Matcha Milktea with Rock Salt and Cheese + Choco Milk Milktea.

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