FOODTRIP (13) : Sweet Ecstacy Cubao Expo

by - 11/05/2014 01:17:00 PM

Went to Sweet Esctasy at Cubao Expo last year (October 2013). This was my first time to try foodies from Cubao Expo. And this is also where it all my “food trips” started.. The place is really nice, I liked the design they had.
Look here: **like this side of the wall**


Menu : **Their menus a bit pricey for me though**

I liked their frappes a lot, though too pricey for Php150? Should have a frappe at Starbucks instead.

Bad news: The last time I checked at Cubao Expo (a few weeks ago), this place have already closed. I just don't know if they’re just renovating the place or moving to different location.


Overall, it was a nice experience to me at Sweet Ecstacy. Just wished they had cheaper price for the menu instead.
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