FOODTRIP(12): Some Kind of Wonderful

by - 11/01/2014 05:27:00 AM

Been wanting to visit S.K.O.W. for a while since I’ve read good reviews about their cafe.
The place is a bit small for me but comfy enough to sit and eat. It has that colorful 80’s interior around the place that you would really appreciate. I can say that ambience here is really great. We even took pictures ‘cause we have it all to ourselves when we got there. Haha
FYI: I usually read reviews first before going to a place. I even read their menus so that I already have in mind what to order once I visit them. 

So here’s what we ordered

Carbonara (Php120)
I really creamy and yum yum! I really like this one because it is served in a big plate with a big serving
**Yes, been trying almost ALL of the pastas in every cafe/restaurants we dine in cause I love pasta a lot!**

Seafood Marinara (Php140)

California Maki / 8pcs (Php100)

Overall: Lovin eat here a lot! Super affordable and foods are worth it for their price. Nice place and nice budget. Yum yum!  

Some Kind of Wonderful
Located at: Rainbow St. SSS Village Marikina City
(across St.Paul Parish/near the school)
Phone num : 409 - 1242 / +63 928 714 499

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