Life Lately: Things I Never Say

by - 9/25/2018 12:00:00 PM

I rarely post about my personal life or what has been going on behind this blog and my Youtube channel. I used to be so vocal with my thoughts and opinions when I was younger but due to the fear of being judged, not meeting expectations and pressure from other people, I decided to keep things private. Who would want to read about other people's lives? Or even mine? Right? 

Sometimes, I miss my old self. The old blogger I was. The one who used to speak her mind and share her opinions about things and life.  The one who doesn't care about what others would think. 

But no. This blog post is not about rants or what's not. I just realized that it's been more than a year since I "promised" to update you guys with a little something about my life. Here's the Life Lately I posted last May 2017. A lot of things have changed over a year. I always think about how different I was a year ago. Funny how a year changes you A LOT. 

So what's NEW?

Hello, breakouts!
Yes, hello. They're back. It's been almost 2 years since my last acne breakouts and here they are again. I thought my skin is already better but after using this certain product for review, I think it finally triggered my sensitive skin. Currently battling with the cystic acne and small breakouts here and there and it actually affected my reviews. I'm back with my old skincare routine though slowly I'm incorporating new products to my skin. That's the reason why skincare reviews are delayed. :( Don't worry since I'll be sharing with you my skincare routine or what products helped me during this phase once my skin is 100% clear. 

A little something for my Blog and Youtube channel. 
I started sharing the products that I love and foods in 2014 - 2015. And I feel so happy that I'm able to reach out to different people through this blog. Knowing that I helped a lot of girls who deal with the same problem and how a product somehow helped them, makes me feel satisfied with the craft I'm doing. Slowly, this blog is growing as well as my channel though I know there's still a lot to improve. I know there's still A LOT OF THINGS I want to share. Also, I want to connect to more girls out there! :)  

Even though I'm a small time blogger/Youtube content creator, this year more brands/companies/online shops are reaching out to me and trusting me with their products. I got a chance to attend to different events wherein I get to see a lot of famous Youtuber and bloggers. At time, I have a mix emotions since I doubt myself if am I really in the right place. Though at the same time, I feel so thankful and honored to be invited in these events. 

These events helped me to break my introvert side and mingle with different people. Also, I got a chance to meet different girls and gained new friends.

In line with that, I'm so happy that this year, someone trusted in my capabilities and gave me new opportunities to grow and improve. Won't say too much but if you follow my Insta stories maybe you know this one by now. :) 

I miss foodtrips! I remembered eating at different restaurants for 1-2x week and taking photos using my phone. I wasn't particular with the "quality" of the photos during that time since my main goal is to share my experience and how the food taste. Until I got a camera in 2015 and that's when I pressured my self into doing food reviews. I was so competitive to be on the top with the goal of eating at different restaurants for at least 2-3x a week. Until I grew tired of doing that and focused more on the beauty stuff. I LOVE FOOD. It's my first love! Currently, I'm back with eating at different restaurants for 1-2x a week but I rarely post a review nor take a photo of the food I'm eating. Haha At times, I'm too lazy to bring my camera so I opted to use the camera of my phone. I kind of miss the times when I just use my phone camera to capture everything. I call it raw-blogging. haha Luckily, there are still A LOT of food invites even though I'm not that active with food blogging anymore. Thanks to Zomato and some friends who ALWAYS invites me to these food events! :) 

Reconnecting with NEW and OLD friends. 
This year means reconnecting with friends. Old and new ones. Yes I'm old (I KNOW!) but what I mean is reconnecting with my real friends whom I've known for years. This year is all about looking back and keeping your feet at the ground. Some people may misinterpret me but who really cares? I'm at the point of time where I don't really care about how people would think of me. Friends are there to accept you for who you are, help and support you. I value friends a lot and they're one the people who keeps me sane. I'm glad that I also got to know who my real friends are this year. And glad to keep connected with those who I seem to forgot. Not only that, I surprisingly GAINED a lot of new friends just because... YOU KNOW!! hahaha 

I learned not to rush things and to value the TIME and essence of WAITING. A year ago, I was in a rush with a lot of things especially with my career. I'm almost 30 by next year and it feels like I'm always on a deadline with things. Last year was a bit of a TURNING POINT. Made decisions and TRIED everything I needed to do. Completed everything that needs to be done. I even got to the point that I was agreeing to every terms that was offered to me even though the truth is that my heart says NO, THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT. I was about to take a risk. A risk that might change me. I was unsure, I doubted myself. I know that wasn't the right thing to do. Was it worth the risk? 

Made a decision to take things slowly this year and give myself a chance to think of my career, my dreams, and my life. Made me realized a lot of things. Those BAD decisions I made turned out to be a LESSON which helped me to decide to takes things slow and learned to the trust the process.

THEY WERE RIGHT. I WAS RIGHT not to rush things. 

My goal this year is to take my time to reflect on my self, on WHAT I REALLY WANT and WHAT'S THE BEST FOR ME. To travel, explore and create new things. This year is all about GROWTH and knowing myself better. I'm trusting the process and getting there for sure. 

TIME FLIES BY SO FAST. I'm a different person a year ago and I'm MUCH better now. Last year was a life changing one. It was a hard process and may SEEM TO LOOK BAD AT FIRST but I'm so much thankful for all the mistakes I did because from there, I learned a lot of lessons and eventually viewed it in a POSITIVE way. I learned to appreciate small things and be thankful for that small joys. Thankful for family and friends. Thankful for the people who are always there for me.  Thankful for the opportunities. Thankful for the mistakes that helped me to be better. Thankful for the beauty of life. Thankful for God and His continous blessings. 

Things may not seem to go our way but believe me, God will always have better plans for you. Trust the process and enjoy what you have. In God's perfect time, we'll get there. :) 

I may look okay with all the things going on but hell yeah, I'm good. I just decided to remain silent and choose to react to things that really matters.Not sad but kind of okay with what's happening with my life. Not that too happy but happy enough. You know what I mean? Just stable. Chill. 

There's still a lot of things I want to tell you about but this might be a very long blog post to read. Hahaha You can check more about my LIFE UPDATES on my recent YOUTUBE video below:
And thank you dear reader for patiently reading this life update. Will keep in touch soon! :) 

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