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Pond's will always be one of the few brands I've ALWAYS used over the years. I remembered using their facial wash when I first reach my puberty years where my skin started to oil up. Plus I also remembered using their facial creams on my skin during my teenage years. Glad that in this generation, the are expanding and growing throughout the years. 

Today, I will share with you some of their famous whitening products which I already heard last year but haven't tried until now. It's the Pond's Flawless Radiance Derma+ Line which has DermPerfectTM Complex Technology which works from deep within your skin for that spotless, pore less and luminous skin. It contains Vitamin B3 + Hexyl Resorcinol which prevents melanin formation and skin darkening. It claims to achieve #DermPerfectSkin in just 4-8 weeks! 

Ponds Flawless Radiance Derma+ BB Cream SPF30 PA++ 
This is a makeup and skincare in one which helps to achieve flawless makeup look while providing skincare benefits. It helps to conceal dark spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone. With it's SPF30 PA++, it helps your skin from the harmful UV rays and protecting it from within. Formula is very light has a semi-matte finish. Good for everyday use. 
 FULL SIZES: 8g/ 25g PRICE: PHP 189.00/ PHP 389.00 
What I think about: I find this BB cream very light on the skin and I love the natural finish it gives. Not only it protects the skin but also gives you the skincare benefits. I personally love this small sized version as it I can always bring it around and perfectly fits my kikay kit. 
Ponds Flawless Radiance Derma+ Hydrating Day Gel SPF15 PA++
It's a gel cream which quickly absorbs into your skin for that refreshing and hydrating feeling. It has SPF15 PA++ to protect your skin. Best for normal to oily skin.
FULL SIZES: 10g/ 50g PRICE: PHP 185.00/ PHP 599.00
What I think about: What I like about this hydrating gel is how light it feels on the skin. Right after washing my face, I put a small amount of the hydrating gel before I put on my make up to prep my skin. I love how it gives that right amount of moisture my skin needed plus protects my skin while going to work.

Ponds Flawless Radiance Derma+ Moisturizing Day Cream SPF30 PA+++
Deeply moisturizes the skin plus has SPF30 PA+++ to protect the skin for that spotless, pore-less and luminous skin. It has 3 derma treatment-inspired actions to strengthen skin’s natural energy deep inside, and help give a new level of flawlessly radiant skin. Best for normal to dry skin.
FULL SIZES: 10g/ 50g PRICE: PHP 185.00/ PHP 599.00
What I think about: Since I do have an oily skin, my skin prefers non-moisturizing creams. I use this moisturizing cream 2-3x a week focusing on the non-oily parts of my face. It is truly moisturizing so I do recommend this for normal to dry skin. 

Watch the mini review on my Youtube channel below: 

Currently, my skin is suffering from bad breakouts and the pimples left red marks/blemishes on my face.  I've only used this products for a few weeks now but I already love how it helped my skin to become soft, smooth and hydrated since some parts of my skin are a little bit dry due to the acne products I'm using on my skin. Not only Pond's Flawless Radiance Derma+ helped my troubled skin but it also protects me from more damage caused by the sun. So I want to thank Sampleroom PH and Pond's Philippines for letting me try these products! 
By the way, I got these products for FREE only from SAMPLEROOM PH. If you want to try products but still hesitant to buy the full sized version, you can check out Sampleroom PH. Link below:
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