Affordable Whitening Products feat. Crystal White Skincare: Final Thoughts

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A month ago, I experienced bad breakouts which made me really sad since it's hard to deal with a pimple what more if there's a lot if pimples to cure! Since the breakouts left a lot of red spots and blemishes, I was so desperate to help my skin clear up. Last August, I decided to finally try the Crystal White Skincare Whitening products. 

But before I get started with the review, I want to share that it's my struggle to have an even skin tone. I do have an acne prone skin thus making my face lighter than the rest of my body. The reason I'm using or trying whitening products is to have an even skin tone especially for my body. It's been my struggle for years and up to now, I'm still looking for products to help me lighten my body tone. 

Last July, I recently discovered a new whitening skin care line here in the Philippines! It's from VitaNutriscience which is the same makers of the famous Snow CapsSnow Skin Whitening SoapSnow Skin Whitening CreamSnow Skin Whitening LotionSnow Toner and the Acne Care Line. I've already tried most of the products from VidaNutriscience and I can day that it's a really great brand so I have a high expectations to their newest whitening line. 

The Crystal White Skincare line offers affordable whitening products for every Filipina. I've used the products for more than a month and below are my final thoughts: (*Please also take note that while using these products, I still so my usual skincare routine)

Crystal White Skin Whitening Soap (Php 59.00) helps to make your skin whiter without drying out. it is formulated with natural ingredients that reduce appearance of dark spots, fine lines and even has anti-bacterial properties which fights off free radicals that can damage the skin. It has Crystal7 ingredients to make your skin softer and whiter for days.
Weight: 90g
Packaging: This comes in a white box and the soap itself is sealed in a plastic. The soap itself is color violet. 
Scent: Very fruity and sweet
How to Use: I cut the soap into 2 parts (1/2 for the face and 1/2 for the body). I use this soap to clean my face along with my other soaps. I immediately rinse it after I scrub my face. For the body, I usually leave it on my skin for 3 - 5 minutes. I use this once in the morning and at night. 
FINAL THOUGHTS: For the face, I like that my face feels squeaky clean after I use this though there was a slight tingly sensation and peeling during the first few days of use. At times, I use this soap on my pimple itself and it helps to dry up the pimples. I like that the soap doesn't dissolve easily. 

Crystal White Skin Whitening Toner (Php 99.00) – not only cleanses the skin but evens out skin tone to reveal radiant white skin. it has Ph 5.5 to gently moisturize the skin and effectively removes the dirt and impurities. It helps to remove dead skin cells, minimize the pores and removes acne and blemishes.
Weight: 100ml
Packaging: The toner comes in a white box and the bottle is a sturdy plastic one. The toner is transparent. 
Scent: Sweet and fruity
How to Use: I use this right after washing my face. Since not all the dirt can be removed from using a soap, this toner helped to deeply clean my skin from dirt. I use this toner at night and in the morning before I put on my make up. It actually helps to prep the skin. 
FINAL THOUGHTS: During the time that my face was peeling, this toner helped to make my skin a little moisturized. The toner can easily be absorbed by the skin. I like that this toner is not too harsh nor too mild on my skin. I believe that this product helped to tone down my pimples. 

Crystal White Skin Whitening Cream (Php 149.00) – helps prevent aging with its potent Crystal7 ingredient to help whiten the skin. Derived from natural ingredients, it helps to reduce fine lines, age spots, minimized pores, remove dead skin cells and moisturize the skin for that natural and healthy glow. It also has SPF30 for 30x more protection against UVA/UVB rays.
Weight: 30ml
Packaging: This comes in a box and the cream is in a sturdy small tub. 
Scent: Smells like a normal cream, powdery.
How to Use: After the toner, I use this for my dark spots and neck area only (not on the entire face since I do have a white face skin tone). I use this 3-4 a week, every night. At times, I use this on my neck area in the morning. 
FINAL THOUGHTS: I like how light it feels on my skin and it actually helped to somehow lighten my blemishes. Sometimes, I use this on my neck area on top of my makeup. Yes, I do put a light makeup on my neck to even out my face and neck tone. It is non - sticky and lightweight. It somehow helped lighten my neck skin.  

RESULT: (Soap, Toner and Cream)

Crystal White Whitening Underarm Spray (Php 139.00) – derive from natural ingredients, it helps to brighten uneven skintone and prevent odor. It also helps to moisturize the underarms for that supple and smooth skin.
Weight: 50ml
Packaging: This comes in a sturdy transparent plastic spray bottle. The liquid is in color purplish pink. 
Scent: Fruity and sweet.
How to Use: I use 2-3 sprays every night. 
FINAL THOUGHTS: I don't have a problem with underarms but it I was surprised that it helped to brighten up my underarm tone, 1-2 shades lighter. It is non - sticky and light weight.  

RESULT: (Underarm spray)

Crystal White Skin Whitening Body Lotion (Php 269.00) – is a whitening and anti-aging lotion that contains whitening actives that locks in moisture to prevent dryness, exfoliates the skin for that smooth and clear skin. It also has SPF30 for 30x more protection against UVA/UVB rays.
Weight: 200ml
Packaging: This comes in a huge plastic bottle. 
Scent: Powdery
How to Use: I use this on my arms and body 2x a day.  
FINAL THOUGHTS: I'm addicted to this lotion as it really helped to lighten my body tone especially my dark spots like the elbow and knees. Since I have a dry skin, I like that this lotion leaves my skin soft and smooth. It is very moisturizing and lasts for about 2-3 hours. Since this has an SPF 30 which protects my skin from the harmful UV rays, 2-3 hours staying power of the lotion on my skin is enough while I go to work (commute). 1 bottle would last long and I still use the lotion up to now. 

RESULT: (Lotion) (Current Skintone - Sept 2018)

Overall, I think Crystal White Skincare products are an underrated whitening products that needs to be known and tried by those who are really into whitening. I love all the products as it really made my skin brighter and lighter. My skin is still healing due to a bad breakouts a month ago but I'm glad that I took the risk and tried this locally made product. It really helped my skin to heal and prevent pimples! Road to brighter and blemishes free skin (hopefully!!!) Will keep you updated with my skin and these products. Thank you again Crystal White Skincare! :)

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