REVIEW(S): Liese Bubble Hair Dye in Rose Tea Brown

by - 10/14/2016 03:54:00 PM

Being a busy girl, I actually have no time to go to salon or even buy hair cream to dye my hair so DIY hairdye is my go-to when I wanna change my hair color. Finally found the perfect DIY hairdye but it wasn't locally available before. Until Liese finally launched in the Philippines market a few months ago. 

I've known the brand since 2011 as Prettia before (now Liese) and it's the BEST DIY hair dye for me. They weren't locally available before so I really have a hard time looking for one online. Good thing they're now available with 6 shades available and at an affordable price. 

Product Info: Liese is a DIY bubble hairdye and it is the #1 hair color in Japan. They're also from the same makers of Biore line so expect a great products from them.

Packaging: Comes in this kawaii box. I noticed that the box is now a bit smaller than what I used in 2011. 

What's inside the box: 

*Bottle 1 - Hair dye solution 

*Bottle 2 - Foam solution & Pump

*Rinse Off Hair treatment 


*Instructions Manual

Price: Php449 available at Watson's, PCX stores, Landmark, Trinoma, Makati Department Stores, Metro Department Stores, Robinsons Department Store, SM Hypermarket, CSI Stores (North Luzon) 

Shades: 6 color variants are available in the Philippines namely: Rose Tea Brown, Raspberry Brown, Chestnut Brown, Milk Tea Brown, Milky Beige and Marshmallow Brown. 
(Though they have more shades sold internationally. The opted to choose warm brown shades as it is suited with Filipinas. I wish they bring their ash tones here). 

Got mine in Rose Tea Brown color.
How To Use: 

(1) Pour solution 1 into solution 2, and gently tilt the bottle 5 times 
(2) Hold the bottle upright and squeeze 
(3) Lather up the foam on hair and massage 
(4) Rinse after 30 minutes (I rinsed mine after more than an hour) 

Result: (Before-Left/After-Right) (click the photo to enlarge)

Video review on my Youtube channel below:
- Easiest hairdye in the market (It's as easy as shampooing your hair) 
- 1 box is already enough for my bra-length hair 
- Very foamy 
- Vibrant hair color 
- 6 shades to choose from 
- No mess hair dye 
- Cheapest and most effective DIY bubble hairdye for me 

- No ash tone shaded yet in the PH :( 

I was quite surprised that 1 box is already enough with my bra-length hair. But I admit, I wasn't able to reach all parts of my hair as I was so excited to massage my my hair with this foamy dye. Some roots of my hair were still black as well as the lower portion of my hair. Good thing, I still have another box so after 1 day, I dyed my hair again. I parted my hair into 4 parts and thoroughly massage it from roots to tips. Again, 1 box is already enough for my hair. My hair now is evenly dyed. 

The rinse off treatment is something be loved since it really made my hair soft and smooth. The texture of my hair is actually BETTER than my pre-dyed hair. Though, as always, one sachet isn't enough for the length of my hair. 

I love the outcome of my hair as it really looks like the rose tea color in the box. It is a semi vibrant brown shade with a hint of red or pink hues especially under the sun. 
How about you? Have you tried this one? Or any recommendations you like to share? Pls don't hesitate to leave your comments down below. Hope to hear from you. :) Thanks for reading :)

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