FOODTRIP(114): Chimara Feel Good Kitchen, UP Town

by - 8/11/2016 12:00:00 PM

If you're looking for a restaurant that serves healthy food, you're definitely on the right page. So got an invite to try delicious healthy meals from Chimara Feel Good Kitchen located at UP Town Center in Katipunan.

Chimara Neo Vegan Cafe which is pronounced at Kye-ma-ra, first opened its flagship branch in Greenbelt 3 Makati in 2002. In 2016, they reinvented itself as a "feel good kitchen" as they opened its branch in UP Town Center Katipunan. They aim to promote the feel good lifestyle through their healthy and tasty foods. 

Place is very spacious, green and cozy. Some foods are featured on their counter though they also have a separate menu. 
Btw, staffs and even the manager were very accommodating and friendly to us. 
Menu here:

We we're still a bit full when we came here for a dinner so here's what we ordered:

Faux Beef Salpicao Panini (Php170)
"Our specialty-marinated faux beef sauteed in garlic aioli sauce, topped with generous helping of garlic to give you all the taste without the guilt."
- Very very tasty.. it is indeed! The garlic flavor to the faux beef was soooo good! I think this is the best one we had here. Definitely a must try! 

Sweet Chili Beef Salad (Php210)
"Our concoction of our special faux beef chili, corn, carrots, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, onions, tofu chips and lettuce. Served with our light mango vinaigrette."
- I'm such a big fan of lettuce salad and I definitely like this one. The sweet chili beef along with the corn, carrots, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, etc gives off a balanced flavor which I really liked. 

Creme de Cacao Cupcake (Php95)
- The cupcake was very tasty and sweet. I like the cacao icing as I can really taste the bittersweet cacao taste. Yum for me :)

I am WISE (For clarity) (Php80/500ml)
"A memory-enhancing mix of mango, apple and tomato to invigorate your mind"
- I love the taste of mango and apple though I really can't taste the tomato at all. Very refreshing and healthy indeed.

I am SUPER (For vitality) (Php80/500ml)

"An all-in-one super drink with romaine and apple to give that complete vitamin kick"
- Honestly, we didn't liked this much as it taste like "gulay" juice :( 

Alkaline Lemonade (Php50)
"Our house blend sugar-free lemonade with a zing of fresh cucumber and celery"
- According go the staff, this alkaline lemonade is the base for all of their juice drinks so I got so curious and ordered this one. Not bad for a base drinks, it was very refreshing too.

I also ordered for my Mom and sister: (forgot to take photo)

Tofu Cheese Pesto Pasta (Php180)
"Our protein-loaded take on the herby favorite. We use our original pesto recipe with quezo blanco-topped tofu for that much needed protein boost."
- Got this one for my sister and she enjoyed this one. The pasta was cooked very well, a bit heavy for a meal and tasty according to her.

Asian Sesame Tofu Salad (Php210)
"Our rich classic with an attitude. Comes with fresh sesame tofu slices, carrots, beetroot, snow peas, apple, tofu chips and lettuce. Served with our creamy sesame dressing."
- I got this one for my mom as she's a vegan. She totally love this healthy salad a lot! It was so good and tasty according to her.

Overall, I had a great time dining here and felt like I was detoxifying which is good. Healthy foods like this one is definitely recommended as well as their prices are so AFFORDABLE. Will definitely comeback here soon :) 
Btw, I wanna thank Ms. Ien for inviting me here :)

Chimara Feel Good Kitchen
Located at: GF UP Town Center Katipunan Ave., DIliman Quezon City
Opens at: 10AM - 10PM, Mon-Sun
Phone Number: 949 9205
Chimara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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