FOODTRIP(66): Pizza Hut Gateway Cubao

by - 12/16/2015 05:06:00 AM

Just wanna share with you my Pizza Hut Gateway Experience a few days ago.
Already tried dining here months ago and was super satisfied with the meal we ate as well as the price. So came back again to eat dinner again.

Happy that they still have the promo meals which is very affordable. We ordered their Good for Hut Feast Meal for 2 which is composed of 2 pasta, 2 soup, 2 drinks and 2 pan pizza (we convert it to their Holiday Cheesy Bites for additional of Php59).
I know mostly have already tasted their pasta and regular flavored pizza so I just want to share my thoughts on their newest pizza promo which is the Holiday Cheesy Bites. Cheese is one of my favorite foods in the world so I was really happy they have Cheesy Bites with pizza again. This pizza is really cheesy and heavy to eat. The melting mozzarella cheese on the cheesy bites was the best! 

Oh btw, the waiters/waitresses were very attentive and fast despite if there were a lot of people that time. :)

Overall, I hope Pizza Hut will still continue this promo in the future.:) 

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