December Night Shoot 2015 :)

by - 12/28/2015 04:42:00 PM

Last weekend, after so many attempts to do this shoot, finally, had a shoot with some friends from the cosplay community.

Night before the shoot, the weather was already rainy. This shoot was planned a month ago so I was kinda worried that this might not push through. The call time was at 1pm at BGC but ended up going at around 2-3pm due to heavy rains. Going to BGC from Marikina takes around 45minutes without the traffic but since it's the holiday season, it took us 1 1/2 just to get to BGC. Traffic in Manila is really worst!!!

Anyway, while waiting for others, we ate at Wendy's first. My contact photographer (Luis), texted me that the "other photog" was already in Market Market and was going to see us first. So when I saw a familiar face coming in at Wendy's, I was kinda hesitant to come forward and greet Gummy Ralph! Yes it's Ralph Abellera, my cosplay-friend-photog which I haven't seen since 2014? He's finally back! Haha Then came Dhee, another cosplay friend from Australia which I last saw in 2011 I think. She came along with her bf, Ros. We went to their condo while waiting for Luis, which I only met personally that night. Shoot started at 7PM due to the rain.

Here are some of the BTS shoots that night
Shoot was a success despite the rainy weather. The original peg was bohemian fashion but end up with cold outfit peg to match the weather. Originally, it was supposed to be a daylight shoot but end up with a night time shoot. I was so happy to try a very different shoot. I and Ralph had shoots before while it was my first time to shoot with Luis. Already seen some of the raw shoots from the Luis and Ralph's camera and I was impressed by the shots taken. Both are really great. :))

Here are some of the final shots taken that night:

© Ralph Abellera

© Luis Jeff Encontro

I want to thank everyone that night. Really had fun! Hope to see you all again soon :))

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