FOODTRIP(65): Calle Lila - Chubby Chicken

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One of the newest foodie spot in Lilac St, we had our dinner a few days ago at Calle Lila.

According to the banner placed outside, Calle Lila just opened last October 9, 2015.

Place is composed of stalls/booths with different variety of foods. There are rice meals, pasta, chicken, milk teas, shakes, alcoholic drinks etc. I think the place can hold up a lot of customers since it has a lot of tables and chairs. Place is very spacious. No worries if in case it rains since the place is built with roofs. Since there were a lot of different foods to choose from, we really had a hard time where to order.

Finally decided to try Chubby Chicken which is the first stall you can see on the left side.

Here’s what we ordered:

Chubby Chicken 2pcs with Rice (Php120)

Chicken Strips with Rice (Php130)
- I liked that the 2 pieces chicken were big enough for me. They also gave us big servings of their Chicken Strips. Both of the Chubby Chicken and Chicken Strips are good but honestly, it’s not something I would eat like to eat again. They have distinct flavor for their chicken, which is good but I really felt “umay” afterwards.

Twinkies (they sell Twinkies too!)(Php 50)
**No photo**
Haven’t tried Twinkies before but for the sake of curiosity (since we saw it at Zombieland movie), we bought it for Php 50! (Too expensive for a small sponge cake). Twinkies tastes too sweet for me (I’m not a sweet lover) and it tastes like our local Fudgee Bar. The filling though is very different, creamy and much sweeter. Will I buy it again? Nah.

Bagnet (Php 160 or 175?)
*No photo**
Not a fan of bagnet but their bagnet was really delish. Servings given were a lot.

I think it’s best to come in group when you dine at Calle Lila. They have wide variety of food selection so it’s best if you come a long with friends to be able to try everything. Was only able to try 2 stalls/foodie spot so I’m looking forward to coming back with more friends at Calle Lila soon! :)

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