FOODTRIP(41): Qizia Cafe

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A few months ago, our company doctor did highly suggest us this cafe in a hospital since she knew that I was fond of food tripping in Marikina. Qizia Cafe is located at SDS Medical Center compound in Katipunan Extension Concepcion Dos Marikina.
Accompanied by some of my friends, we tried this cafe on one rainy afternoon. Place was very decent and has that nice ambiance.

Upon seating, menus were given to us. I was really wowed on their menu as the prices were very cheap, far from what I expected especially after seeing the place.

Here’s the menu:

By the way, at first we thought that waiters are to get your orders but we were wrong. Haha. To order, you need to go to the cashier/counter first before they deliver your foods. :)

Here’s what we ordered:

Carbonara (Php135)
- Their Carbonara is very creamy and yummy. Serving was really big and just enough for my hunger. What I did noticed is that, the pasta tastes really good but afterwards there is this “umay” factor along the way. I was able to finish my meal but I was craving something sweet afterwards.

Seafood Pasta (Php145)
- Their Seafood pasta is the tastiest and the best one for me. Very flavorful and yummy.

Creamy Chef’s Delight (Php145)
- This dish tastes like carbonara somehow but with a twist. It has this distinct after taste I can’t describe. 

Hawaiian Pizza (Php150)
- I really liked their pizza a lot. Even though they use a thin pizza crust, I liked that they gave a lot of toppings that is quite flavorful. My friend says this is too sweet for her but for me, I liked the combination of the cheese along with the sweetness of the pineapple.

Oreo Cheesecake (Php95)
- A must try!! I also liked their Oreo Cheesecake a lot especially that I was really looking for a “pantangal umay” after eating Carbonara. Too sweet for me but I loved it!

Iced Tea (Php35)


More photos of us :))

What I didn’t like about it is that I really want to try their Braso De Mercedes a lot but I find it too expensive. :( (Priced at Php130)
Overall, I was very satisfied with my dining experience at Qizia Cafe. I like the place, foods and price. Prices was really worth the money since their servings were more than what you paid for. Totally recommended and will definitely comeback again :)

Located at:  SDS Medical Center Compound, Katipunan Extension Corner Pio del Pilar Street,Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Phone Num: 02 9484751
Opens: 7 AM to 12 Midnight

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