FOODTRIP (2): Eri Curry + Shoot with Jump Pilapil

by - 10/02/2014 12:51:00 AM

09.29.14 - Had my 2nd shoot of the year with Jump Pilapil. Really emphasized the “2nd shoot” because even though I really wanted to do shoots with some of my friends, my schedule’s not allowing me because I’ve been so busy with a lot of things lately. So after 6 months since my last shoot, I only had my 2nd shoot last Sept 29. Haha 

Went to
 Ortigas Ave for the shoot and there were a lot of people! O.O It’s really awkward to do shoots with a lot of people around looking at you, curious of what you’re doing. So yes, I was so awkward to pose/emote for the whole shoot. Sorry. Haha

But good thing, Jump was able to capture good shots from me and the place. So here’s the outcome:

It’s also my first time to encounter a photographer who edits photos fast and upload it the next day. I thought he was only posting 1 photo, which is usually the teaser then post the other photos on the next few days/weeks. Was really amazed that he was able to edit photos and upload it the next day after the shoot. Nice! 

After the shoot, we went to
 Eri Curry to eat. I’m not actually fond of curry but was curious enough to try it. I ordered the Fried Gyoza Curry and it was good. Mine was not spicy so I thought it was delish for me. Haha

Thanks to Mina for carrying my bag when I was on shoot. She’s so cute and can’t believe we’re same age! Haha

Thanks also to Jump for this shoot for the first time with him. And also for the nice photos! Till next shoot ~
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