Snippets of My Life 2020

by - 2/10/2020 10:47:00 AM

It's been a LONG TIME since I last updated my LIFE here on my BLOG. Trying products for review and writing has been a 'routine' for the past years and I kinda miss writing just about anything about my life. I miss the days where I write about what happened in my life - the ups and downs without people judging the REAL YOU. I miss those days where I can freely post, rant or just say what I want share. But again, what we post online is merely a portion of who we really are. 

It's been 2 years since I last posted a LIFE LATELY update here on my blog. 
Honestly, I already forgot that I even posted this kind of series until I stalked my own blog and read my previous posts. 

After reading what I have posted 2 years ago, I realized how CHILL my life was last year. And that's actually what I really wanted to be when I pictured my future during that time. It was so chill that I forgot that I am getting old and time flies so fast. 

There's nothing much to tell for but here are some of what's been happening lately. 

HELLO 31! 

I just turned 31 last February 4 and normally, during this age, most of the people have settled there lives. Stable career, marriage, family, home. Where am I in those? 
During my high school years, I remembered doing a scrap book project wherein we are asked to reflect and picture of future lives. My high school self thought of working right after college, working for 2-3 years, going abroad, going back to the Philippines to settle down and marry at the age of 26. When I was 26, I still had a lot of career issues and nowhere settling down with anyone. Thinking I'm still too young to pressure myself into something I am not, I just went with the flow and continued with what I was doing. More 5 years in my current work, I grew as a person but the work is still the same. There are a lot or reasons why I am settling with my current job but with the salary of the nurses here in the Philippines, it is still not enough. Now at 31, the dream of marriage or having babies before 30 have outgrown-ed in me. I don't want to settle with someone just because I am pressured of the age or comparing myself to the people around me. Until I realized (it was maybe last year) that I wanted to settle down with myself, for now. 
Anyway, it may seem like I went out to really celebrate my Birthday but I actually just stayed at home, watched a movie, ate some chips and chill. I rewarded myself with a perfect lazy day. 


I don't know what's with my VIBE lately but I'm into the independent sh*t thing that I decided to do things ALONE. Doing things with a companion or friends is so much better but lately, my friends have now different priorities in life. I want to chill, travel and explore. At times, I think I am stuck on this chill vibes of mine and still afraid to go out of my shell. Lately, I realized to prioritize to DO THINGS ALONE and not to depend on others. I have A LOT of things I want to do and places to go but it's so hard to look for someone to accompany me with. Well, there's a bunch of people volunteering to accompany me but honestly, I feel so awkward or maybe I feel like I-don't -wanna-to-be-judged-but-still-will-be-judged-anyway and I don't want that. So I decided to just go alone.  
Now that I am 31, I have a bucket list of things to do by myself and one of which is to watch movies alone. I honestly want to this for a very long time but the fear of being judged stopped me from doing so. Until I decide to watch "On Vodka, Beers and Regrets" because I'm such a fan of Bela Padilla and JC Santos movies. Plus lately, I've been watching and even re-watching lots of Tagalog romcom - drama movies.
Kinda lonely to watch alone and seeing you're the only 1 on the cinema without a companion. But on the brighter side, I was able to keep all my thoughts to myself without bugging anyone. Kinda liberating too! Now I want to watch again alone but I want to try watching a horror movie ALONE in cinema! Haha 


The past few months was all bout catching up with friends. Since I have a lot of time lately, I decided to catch up with my new and old friends - just mostly eating and chill out. 

Anyway, below are photos about what happened to me during these past few months. 

I went to Van Gogh is Alive in BGC last December. I'm not much of a Van Gogh fan but I highly appreciate his works. The experience was different although I was expecting a more sensory one from my visit that time. Nice learning experience though. 

I also got to visit the Cloud 9 View Deck in Antipolo which I haven't been to. Love the view skies, sunset and stars while having a drink. So chill right? 

I visited the Van Gogh is Bipolar restaurant in Maginhawa Street. It was my first time here and was kind of suprised with the menu prices (a little over the budget). Not sure if they have other options but it was a nice relaxing experience. Felt really sleepy afterwards. 

Met up with Vher who has a very, VERY busy schedule. Hahaha Just the usual dinner catch up and karaoke till morning for the first time.

Met up with my high school friend, Joyce for a dinner and karaoke night. We regularly meet and update our lives through messenger and we always have this Christmas meet up every single year. 

Visited our first Kiseeeg barkada baby, Ellie. 

Had an annual Kiseeeg Christmas Party at Astoria Hotel in Ortigas. Funny that I wasn't able to make a blog entry about this which I regularly do every single year. Haha

Went to Filling Station Bar and Cafe in Poblacion Makati last January for a different vibe. We always chill out at the same place, Cubao or nearby area and we wanted to chill out at a different place so we decided to go here. It was my 2nd time and so happy with my ever supportive friends who constantly takes me photos without complaining. haha

Another meet up at Golden Baboy Maginhawa last January right after the Taal eruption. 

And the latest one this February where we went to Tomas Morato this February. Seems like all we do is EAT right? haha 

After 1 week of thinking, I decided to have my bangs again (the last time I had bangs was 4 years ago). Having bangs is hard to maintain but I wanted a change of look but not too extreme so I decided to have my hair trimmed and have a bangs instead. What do you think? 

So I always make sure to bring my portable mini hair iron which many are so curious about. I remembered, after posting this to my stories, I got a lot of querries regarding the mini flat iron that I used. I got it from Althea website a year ago. 

A long overdue meetup/food trip/shoot with Jump. We had our first shoot in 2014 then in 2015. I met him again in 2017 and was supposed to have this food trip shoot and suddenly, I had my period while waiting for him in Recto. We had to cancel the shoot cause I was suffering with dysmenorrhea at the mall and couldn't really stand. I remembered sitting on the stairs of Isetan Mall just because of the extreme pain. I had to take a Grab going home on a December. (Imagine the fee from Recto to Marikina!!!) Anyway, so glad that we finally had a time to meet right before the Chinese New Year. I always wanted to experience foodtrip in Binondo. Although a little "bitin" because it was already late but I will make sure to come back here again.

I recently, met up with my high school friend Krizia which I last saw in high school! Talk about 14 years ago! 

Hello Divisoria! 

And here's my current FAVE CAMERA: The Fujicolor Disposable Cam from Japan. I want to try and go back to manual photography starting with this. I have 2 of theses and almost done with my first roll. Will have it develop and will share the photos soon! 

Got to DYE my hair again with Beautylabo Whip in Silky Ash and Olive Green. Look how nice my hair was after hair coloring. 

I rarely post selfies with me at work because most of the time, I look so HAGGARD! But yea. Happy 5 1/2 years of work in my company. 

That struggle to buy 15 kg of dry cat food at the market then going home alone. Before, I usually buy the 1 sack (8kg) of dry food monthly but I noticed that I can save up more if I buy the bigger sack plus less hassle of going to the market monthly. The struggle is real every time I buy dry cat food but of course, I have no choice.

And speaking, here are some random photos of my lovely cats. (I have 4 cats - 1 mama cat and her 3 boys). Chee Chee, Whisky, Owangie and Meowy. The 3 boys are turning 2 on Feb 25! :) 

I've been playing Mobile Legends since late 2017 and finally, I now on the LEGEND rank after more than 2 years of playing!! My main hero is Pharsa and it's so hard to rank up now since she is always banned on ranked games plus I'm just a solo gamer. Add me up and let's rank up: @prissxvii  

Say hello to my karaoke and random chill nights

Random SELFIES and OOTD, of course! 

Now at 31, I feel the PRESSURE of real life adulting - career, health, insurance, family, own place, future. (Mind you that love isn't included here haha) Anyway, I still have A LOT of thing I want to achieve. This year will HOPEFULLY be all about CHANGES and POSITIVITY.

We all have a different paths so no need to compare your life to others. Learn to see the good in all things and trusting the process. To always be thankful for what you have and for every opportunities. Thankful for the mistakes that helped me to be better and thankful for the beauty of life. Thankful for God and His continuous blessings. 

And that's it for the the MAJOR LIFE UPDATEThere's still a lot of things I want to tell you about but this might be a very long blog post to read. Hahaha 

And thank you dear reader for patiently reading this life update. Will keep in touch soon! :) 

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