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Finally back with another GLUTATHIONE review that I used for more than 1 month (January - February 2020). This is the LUXCENT LUMINOUS CAPS L-GLUTATHIONE plus Marine Collagen which I've seen A LOT on Youtube. I've also seen this glutathione at Anna Cay's channel and other Youtubers few years back that why I so curious if this is really effective. But before I share my final thought on this one, let me share with you information about GLUTATHIONE. 
To begin with, (not to brag or whatsoever) I was already born with a fair skin. During my teenage years, I had a huge hormonal pimple problems which leads me to use derma products to get rid and prevent pimple breakouts. Thus, making my face lighter compared to the rest of my body. I do get lots of queries about oral glutathione or sometimes, people ask why I still take glutathione or whitening products when in fact I already have a fair skin. For the nth time, I have no issues with trying out and reviewing products for you guys so I have consent to take these products and share my opinions on my blog and YouTube channel. 

Also, I first started taking oral glutathione in 2016  until 2017 and personally, glutathione does wonders on my skin. I haven’t consistently taken glutathione since I do try different oral glutathione for the sake of review. Since 2016, I’ve already tried the Snow Caps, Mosbeau Placenta WhiteAdvanced, Relumins Advance White, Snow Beautycare, Gluta White 500, Ishigaki Amino Classic White, Bellatrix Glutathione + Collagen, Aiya Gluta Collagen and Biotad. I usually take 1 capsule a day with Enervon C as my Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost the absorption of Glutathione thus taking a Vitamin C together with glutathione is a must. 

Some of you may be a first timer taking a glutathione or even hesitant to take one so I listed some questions and answers which might be helpful for you. 

1. What is a Glutathione? 
- According to the information I got online, "Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by liver. It is the major anti-oxidant produced by the body and our immune system depends in a steady supply if glutathione." In short, one can take an oral glutathione to boost his/her immune system. 

2. What is the recommended dosage of Glutathione? 
- I can’t claim anything to this but I’ve watch a documentary on Youtube saying that the recommended dosage for glutathione is 500mg. According to them, more than 500mg is considered overdose. Though some claims that the recommended intake depends on your body weight. Personally, I only take 1capsule a day to be sure. 

3. How many capsules of Glutathione should I take in a day? 
- According to Filipino Doctor site and Official Gluta-White 500 Facebook, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsule a day depending on your body weight. There is a computation for that and can the clearly be explained on the links mentioned. 

4. Why is there a need to take Vitamin C while taking Glutathione? 
- This is to enhance or boost glutathione levels on the blood that why one must take more Vitamin C than the glutathione. But just to be sure again, I only take 1 tablet of Kokando Vita White. Though it is recommended to take 3 capsule of Kokando Vita White a day. 

5. Would oral glutathione and Vita White Plus harm my liver or kidneys since it'll filter everything I intake? 
- According to my research, there is no study if oral glutathione really affects the liver or kidneys. I saw one or two articles stating that IV glutathione does more damage to the kidneys. Also, read that the higher glutathione content, the greater the liver's capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals. 

6. Is it effective? 
- As mentioned, it’s only been a year since I started trying oral glutathione for reviews. So far, I think every glutathione I’ve took were effective for me though they differ in how long did it effect on me. The reactions or effects differ depending on the current skin tone and body weight. 

7. Why it’s taking me too long to see the effects? 
- Please take note of the following: Duration of intake of skin whitening: 
*Medium Brown Skin: 1-3 months 
*Dark Brown Skin: 3-6 months 
*Very Dark Skin: 6-12 months 
*Black Skin: 2 years or more 

*Once a person has acquired her desired color, the maintenance dose will just be 500mg once a day.

Now let's get started with my review.

This is the LUXCENT LUMINOUS CAPS L-GLUTATHIONE PLUS MARINE COLLAGEN which is an antioxidant that promotes cell renewal and cell restoration by slowing premature aging and sagging. It also enhances cell metabolism for cell repair, hydration and rejuvenation. This product is formulated in Japan. 

*Ingredients: (1200mg/capsule) 
L-Glutathione (950mg)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (70mg)
Sodium Ascorbate (50mg)
N-Acetyl Cysteine (30mg), Methionine (15mg)
Niacin (10mg), Co-Enzyme Q10 (3000mcg/3mg)
Marine Collagen (50000mcg/50mg)
Riboflavin (10mg)
Vitamin B6 (5mg)
Thiamine (4mg)
Beta Carotene (3mg)

Packaging: This glutathione comes in a white plastic bottle with a plastic seal. All the product information are written on the bottle. The capsule is color yellowish white. 

There are 60 capsules in 1 bottle. Price: Php1200 

There is a rotten egg scent and taste upon swallowing. 

How to Use: Take 2 capsules a daily with or without meal 
(I prefer to take it 1 cap a day because I don't see the need to increase my dose and I'm already satisfied with my skin)

- I started taking this capsule 2nd week of January 2020 (currently taking as of February 2020) 
- I took 1 capsule a day at night (before I go to sleep)
- I take this along with my daily Vitamins (Enervon C)
- There is a rotten egg scent and the it also takes like rotten egg when swallowed
- I started to see the glow on my skin (less skin rashes too!) in just 3 weeks! 

RESULT (more than 1 month / 1 cap a day) 

- Visible effects in just 3 weeks!
- Brighter and glowing skin
- Boosts the immune system
- Less oily on the skin
- Made my skin look fresh 
- No unwanted side effects
- No breakouts
- Affordable 

- Rotten egg scent and taste
- Not sure if authentic because of the packaging (looks like the printed logo and other info was photocopied)
- UNREGISTERED Food supplement accdg to FDA PH (read article HERE

Verdict: After trying out this glutathione for more than a month now, I have no doubts on how this product EFFECTIVELY whitens and brightens my skin especially my dark areas. I had a lot or skin rashes a month ago and it left my skin dark marks. The Luxcent help to eliminate the itchiness on my skin as well as my rashes and dark marks. I didn't experienced any breakouts or unwanted side effects. I experienced whiter effects on my skin in just 3 WEEKS! I still have 2 bottles of these but not sure I'll finish them all because I just read from the Philippine FDA site that this is listed as UNREGISTERED FOOD SUPPLEMENT although not exactly stated as to why it wasn't approved. It only stated that the ingredients and this product didn't go through proper evaluation so they can't assure the quality and safety of this product. (As of October 2019). 
**Personally, I know NOT ALL UNREGISTERED products are really safe nor the NON FDA approved ones. As a nurse and health advocate, we may see the "positive" effects of these glutathione NOW but we may not know how these will take effect on our health in the future. I'm not saying this in particular in relation to Luxcent but also other non - FDA glutathione. So I always advice just taking 1 capsule a day just to be sure. Take this on your own risk. 

By the way, I got this product from GLUTAWORKS.

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